Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pop-arazzi Short But Sweet

You may have noticed a new line of polishes at your local CVS in cute little bottles with polka-dot caps — they appear to be replacing the Spoiled line but I'm not sure. They looked so cute, though, that I had to try them out and this warm coral-y pink looked perfect for me.

Short But Sweet
I love this color! It's practically the perfect coral for me. Unfortunately, this polish is… how do I put this nicely? It's really, really horrible is the most generous way I can possibly phrase it. The formula is like syrup, so it was frustratingly difficult to apply and the smell was horrible beyond description. I felt like I was getting cellular damage just by inhaling the fumes and I only did these four fingers. I don't want to even think of what my reaction would have been if I had done a full mani! Such a shame because I really did love this color. If you find one of their colors to be irresistible, definitely do your nails outdoors or at least with all the windows open!


  1. You aren't kidding about the smell. I got four of them but have only swatched on a nail wheel so far. I was waiting until I could open a window to try a manicure. Too bad. They are cute but not worth the headache - from fumes or application issues.

    1. I know! And I really loved the color but it's not worth it!

  2. Wow this is soooooo gorgeous. A real shame about the bad smell :(

    Sweetaholic Beauty