Wednesday, April 22, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine

Even though I rarely wear a color more than a day or two before getting bored with it (no matter how much I love it!) when I go away for a weekend or longer I still want my nails to look good, don't you? After my disappointment with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel last summer I've been on the lookout for other options. However, from what I understand, a lot has to do with your own particular body chemistry — Erin tried the Miracle Gel and had no problem with it! So anyway, when I saw that OPI was coming out with a no-UV light gel-like wear line of polishes called Infinite Shine I had to give them a try, too. They have about 30 colors so far and I heard there will be more coming this summer. I decided to choose colors that I'd be likely to actually wear for a weekend away; Set In Stone, which is close to their classic You Don't Know Jacque; Staying Neutral, similar to Berlin There, Done That; You Can Count On It, a pink that's unlike any of the OPI pinks I have but close to Zoya Mia and Sally Hansen Pink Pong; and It Never Ends, a pinker beige than Staying Neutral.

Their system uses a base coat and a topcoat, which makes me happy because I don't like not using a base coat, and you can save some money by buying those as a set. Application was a breeze with all colors although I did notice slight brush stroke marks in the topcoat but it was less pronounced once I got used to applying it. I did notice slight tip wear by the fourth day on all colors but I could live with it if I was actually away from home and it was barely noticeable on the lighter colors. The shine was dulled slightly but still better than a regular topcoat by that time. Let's get started with this picture-heavy post!

The system includes a base and topcoat in addition to the colors

Set In Stone, two coats
Set In Stone showing four days wear

Staying Neutral, two coats
Staying Neutral showing four days wear

You Can Count On It, two coats

It Never Ends, two coats
I didn't take daily photos on the last two but the wear was similar. I'm really impressed with these and they will definitely be my new get-away weekend polishes!

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