Monday, April 27, 2015

Colour Prevails Frenemy

By now you may have heard that Nonie Creme, the former Creative Director of butter LONDON has come out with her own line of cosmetics exclusive to Walgreens. The polishes retail at USD$8, which is on the high side for a drugstore polish, but when you compare it to butter LONDON's $15 it's a bargain, right? There are a variety of colors and finishes but I played it safe and chose a taupe creme with the unusual name of Frenemy.

Frenemy, two coats plus topcoat
The butterfly wing design is used throughout the line and you really have to look closely at the display labels because the eyeliners and eye shimmer powders come in the same bottle as the nail polishes. The bottle topper is ergonomically designed to guide your grip with your index finger resting along the curve but I found it frustrating when I dipped the brush back in the bottle, maybe because I'm left-handed? In any case, it slides right off and you can use the cap underneath it very easily.

Bottle with the butterfly wing removed
I had no complaints about the polish although I don't think it's quite the level of quality as butter LONDON just yet. I'll wait to see if Walgreens has them on sale to try some other colors.

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