Monday, February 23, 2015

OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?

I was so excited to see the new OPI Hawaii Collection at Sally Beauty Supply when I stopped in between blizzards. I am not kidding, we have had a blizzard every single weekend for the past three weeks and the snow in my front yard is up to my shoulders. In fact, it is snowing again as I write this and it will turn into a "blizzardcane" tonight, with hurricane-force winds depositing another 12" to 18" of snow. I could just cry. So you can see how something like this would cheer me up, right? I got three of the twelve colors and today I'l show you my favorite, Hello Hawaii Ya?

OPI Hello Hawaii Ya?,  two coats plus topcoat
This is a perfect grayed-out purple creme, absolutely flawless application. I thought it might be similar to the much sought-after Parlez Vous OPI but, while it's definitely a close relative, it's not a dupe.

Comparison between Hello Hawaii Ya? and Parlez Vous OPI

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