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KB Shimmer Spring 2015 Swatches and Review

**These products were sent for an honest review**

Hi everyone! Anna here. Today I have some of the new KB Shimmer Spring 2015 collection. I love love love Spring colors and KB Shimmer did not disappoint with this collection. Some shimmers, some awesome fun glitters, and a few super holo holographic polishes. I have 8 of the 12 polish collection to show you, including a little nail art done with the Spring nail vinyls that will be released with this collection on February 6th on the KB Shimmer website.

Let's start with my picks from the glitters. Up first is Cool Hand Cuke- "This pale minty green polish is loaded with pastel glitters in circles, triangles, stars and hexes. A touch of holographic sparkle completes this pastel polish." I love this polish! I wasn't able to capture the holo sparkle very well against the pale mint base, but it's definitely there in real like. I used 3 coats for the swatches below.

Here is Funky Cold Patina- "Like a long forgotten ancient copper statue turned blue green in color, this polish features a cool turquoise green base, with pops of metallic copper, blue and purple."  I always love a turquoise polish! The base was definitely more opaque than Cool Hand Cuke but the glitters dispersed just as evenly. I love the wide pro-brush KB Shimmer uses in all of their polishes. 

And my last glitter from this collection, Sweet Egg-scape- "A pale, bubblegum pink polish. Glitters like pastel aqua star glitters, coral triangles, lavender dots, red squares, and silver holo hexes swim among the pink base like a decorated Easter egg." If this doesn't look like an Easter egg, I don't know what does. I love the soft pale pink base against my pale skin. It manages to make this glitter polish end up looking like a neutral on me. I wore it to work for 2 days! I used 3 coats here.

Ok let's get started with these holos. I mean, seriously, they are pretty much perfect. There's something for everyone here. First up is Blush Money- "Based on the 2015 Pantone color, Strawberry Ice, this peachy-rose colored polish shows off gold shimmer indoors and a linear holographic shine while outside." Now, I wasn't able to capture any photos of this beauty outside because it's been so rainy, snowy and dull out for the past few weeks, but hopefully you can see that holo shine in these photos taken in my lightbox. The gold shimmer definitely adds to the peachy-ness of this polish too. I used 2 coats. 

I wanted to show you a quick bottle comparison between KB Shimmer's Blush Money and ILNP's Cutie Pop. They are not total dupes. Blush Money has more gold shimmer, more holo pigment, and leans a touch warmer than Cutie Pop.

Now let's see the real linear holographic stars of this collection. Here is Thistle Be the Day- "A pale pinkish purple that shines in the sun with a linear holographic sparkle." I love this polish so much! I wore it for 4(!) days. These pictures were taken on day 3. Application seemed tricky at first and showed brush strokes. But as soon as the polish dried, the strokes were gone and it looked perfect. Two coats.

This is Blue-d Lines- "Pale blue in color, this cool toned polish shines with linear holographic sparkle." Blue'd Lines as the same formula as Thistle Be the Day. Another 2 coats here.

Here is Ins and Sprouts- "Like a new bud popping through the soil, this pale green citron colored polish is alive with linear holographic shine." This is definitely not my kind of color, but I can't deny the gorgeous linear holographic sparkle and the perfect formula. I used 2 coats here but could have easily achieved the same look in 1 coat if I had a been a bit more careful.

 The Spring 2015 collection from KB Shimmer also includes an adorable sheet of Spring-themed nail vinyls. If you love the look of nail art, but don't have an artistic bone in your body, or even a steady hand, you NEED some nail vinyls in your life. Each order comes with this handy tutorial guide too. Click the image below to enlarge. I was not able to get a good picture of the vinyl sheet itself, because it was metallic gold and just shined a big reflection right back into my camera. The sheet includes enough vinyls for many manicures. It has straight stripes, chevron stripes, little individual bunnies, flowers and butterflies, as well as striped patters made form bunnies, flowers, butterflies, and little eggs too. So adorable!

I used a single flower stripe pattern across 2 accent nails and topped Blush Money with Blue-d Lines for a fun Spring look. Be careful with the small center details on each flower and make sure you have your tweezers nearby to adjust as needed. Simple and adorable!

KB Shimmer has also released their version of the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year- Marsala. This beauty is called Men are from Mars-ala- "An earthy, red-brown shade that will make a fresh new addition o any neutral nail palette." I really die over these punny color names. Two easy buttery coats for the swatches below. 

My favorite? Thistle Be the Day. It just wears so nicely on me and will definitely be my go-to this Spring! My least favorite? Ins and Sprouts. It's obviously a gorgeous linear holo polish with a dream formula, just not my favorite kind of color to wear.

So what do you think? Will you be picking up anything from the new Kb Shimmer Spring collection on February 6th???

KB Shimmer

See you all next time!

Robin made these adorable cartoons of each of us! How cute?! Now you all will be able to tell which one of us has written each post much easier.

**These products were sent for an honest review**

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  1. I'm so happy that you included the comparison of ILNP Cutie Pop and Blush Money! While they're definitely different, I now know I don't need both.