Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sally Hansen Expresso

I love, love, love this color but hate the name — the beverage is espresso and I cringe when I hear people call it expresso, but maybe Sally Hansen is making a pun or something. In any case, the color is so gorgeous I'll forgive them.

Sally Hansen Expresso
Erin is usually the one drawn to the reds but lately I've been wanting something more colorful and seasonal. I wasn't even looking for a red when this one caught my eye as I was checking out the 99¢ SinfulColors sale at Walgreens (yes, I got some and I'll be reviewing them later…)

I'm not a fan of the brush and bottle in this line but I can't say enough about how beautiful this color is and how well it wears. I wore it for a full week and never tired of the color and it barely even showed tip wear, unusual for such a dark color. Two thumbs up for this one! Definitely moving it into my permanent rotation section.


  1. Most of their Insta-Dri line has pun-based names based on "quickness" (Lickety-Split Lime, for example). So yeah, normally I find that annoying but it's their thing.

    1. Ah! I don't have that many Insta-Dri polishes so I didn't make the connection!