Monday, October 27, 2014

Essie Fall 2014 Dressed To Kilt Collection Comparisons

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of all the rich colors and lately the Fall polish collections have been becoming favorites of mine for the very same reason. Essie's new Dressed To Kilt Collection has six gorgeous new colors but I managed to restrain myself and only get two. I'm sure you are shocked to find that I chose the green, Fall In Line, and the gray, Take It Outside.

Essie Fall In Line, two coats plus topcoat
Fall In Line is a cool dusty green creme, smooth formula that covers easily in two coats. Absolutely loved it!

Essie Take It Outside, two coats plus topcoat
Take It Outside is an opaque taupe-y gray, a color that I just can't get enough of. Loved this one even more!

Because I love these colors so much you just knew I'd have some for comparisons, didn't you? Well, here they are:

Essie Taupe/Gray Comparisons
Take It Outside and Master Plan look almost exactly the same in the bottle but you can see that on the nail Master Plan is a bit darker and warmer, but not by much. If you have one you probably don't need the other unless you're an obsessive collector like me. Jazz is much yellower and Miss Fancy Pants is much darker, so no dupes there.

Essie Green Comparisons
In the photo Vested Interest looks darker and bluer than Fall In Line but in person there was very little noticeable difference. The major difference was that Vested Interest is more of a cruelly formula and Fall In Line is a true creme. Color-wise I'd call them dupes so go for whichever formula you prefer.

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