Monday, September 1, 2014

SinfulColors Beige of Honor and Dupe Alert!

I love it when my Walgreens has one of their 99¢ sales on SinfulColors and SinfulShine because then I can grab colors that I might not have wanted to spend a whopping $1.99 on. I wanted to review this one first so that you can all have the opportunity to get this one while it's still available because I think it's a limited edition, from the Practice Your Accents collection (the display shows hands with different color French mani tips holding a white iPhone.) The collection was mostly repromotes but Beige of Honor and Beaches and Cream were the only new ones. Beaches and Cream looked like it was similar to the core color Unicorn so I didn't bother with that one as yellow is not the most flattering color on me. When I got home I was surprised to see how many colors Beige of Honor was close to, though!
SinfulColors Beige of Honor, two coats plus topcoat
I can't resist these neutral taupes, as is made evident by how many dupes I have of them. "Hi, my name is Robin and I'm an addict…"
Comparisons under color-correcting light
Comparisons under indirect sunlight
I wasn't terribly surprised at how similar it was to Revlon Smoky Canvas because Revlon owns SinfulColors, and while Cool Beige was similar in color, the formula was more like a crelly (I actually think I liked this one the best of the comparisons.) But what really surprised me was how closely Beige of Honor matched OPI Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh?! The bottom photo under indirect sunlight shows the slight differences more clearly — Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh? is a bit more pink and Cool Beige is a touch paler. I didn't get a chance to change my polish after doing this comparison and ended up wearing the four different colors on my right hand all day at work the next day and no one noticed. Truly, at arm's length you couldn't even tell the difference!

I got the two Revlons for under $2 at Ocean State Job Lot a while ago and since their Colorfast line has been discontinued I'm not sure you'd be able to find Cool Beige anywhere other than at a salvage store like that or maybe in a clearance bin at Target, but Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh? is still available and selling for upwards of $9, so getting Beige of Honor even at the regular $1.99 price is still a bargain!

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