Monday, September 8, 2014

Blue Monday: Flower Nail'd It Bluebell of the Ball

I've never tried any of the polishes from Drew Barrymore's Flower line of cosmetics for Walmart but when I saw this lovely pastel blue in their clearance basket I decided to give it a try. The bottles are slightly smaller than normal at 0.4 oz but I had no problem with the brush or application, kind of surprising for a pastel.

Flower Bluebell of the Ball, two coats plus topcoat
There aren't a lot of colors in this line and, frankly, at $5 a bottle I don't know that I would have picked this up if it hadn't been gooped up with polish and marked down (a problem I find at all of the Walmarts near me, but that's probably why it was in a clearance basket and it cleaned up easily enough.) It was nice, but not exceptional, ya know? Easily worth $2 but that's about it. Sorry, Drew...

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