Friday, August 15, 2014

England Haul: Marks & Spencer

Back in May I teased you with a photo of all the polishes I got during my trip to England. Since I was on a photography workshop with a few other people I wasn't free to go where I wished and had to squeeze in fast trips where I could. I went to a Boots and Marks & Spencer in Canterbury because it was within walking distance of our hotel, then when we were out in the Cotswolds we took a side trip to Oxford, where I managed to sneak off to yet another Boots as well as another Marks & Spencer and an H&M. I wish we could get these polishes here in the States! I'll start off with the polishes I got at Marks & Spencer.

At the Canterbury M&S I found something called a Limited Collection, which I took to be their own store brand but I could be wrong about that. Immediately I was drawn to a lovely shade called Lavender, of course. The bottle is fairly small, only 8 ml, but the cap is long enough to make application easy although it took a while to get used to the brush because the stem ended just past the edge of the cap and the brush itself is long and thin. I love this color (but you already knew that, didn't you?)
M&S Lavender
Next I saw a nice tan shade called Hessian (it struck me as being so British to come up with a name like this because here in the States we tend to only think of Hessians as being the German mercenaries that George Washington fought against but apparently it's also a kind of cloth that's this color.)
M&S Hessian
In the Oxford M&S I found yet another color in their Limited Collection called Dark Magenta. This was actually the first color I tried from this line and you can see that I hadn't adjusted to their brush yet so I got the polish all over my cuticles and it was a bit stainy. Lovely color, though.
M&S Dark Magenta
The Oxford store had a line called Leighton Denny that I hadn't seen in Canterbury and which, in my mind, I keep swapping to Denny Leighton for some reason. I really wish I could have gone back and gotten more of this brand because I really loved it — the bottle is really high-end looking and the formula and application were divine. I don't know why I only got this one color except that maybe by then it was sinking in to my brain exactly how much money I was spending on polish! I found it online but after converting from British Pounds Sterling to US Dollars (not counting shipping if they even do ship to the US) my eyes rolled back into my head and I closed the web page. Le sigh…
Leighton Denny Crushed Grape
I only picked up two polishes at H&M but all the rest were from the two Boots, so those will be broken up into smaller groups, mostly by brand.


  1. That's so cool to get polishes from England! I'm loving Crushed Grape.

  2. 1. im jealous you went to england.
    2. im jealous you bought nail polish in england.

  3. Ah yes, M&S have really upped their game with polishes. We now also have a range of metallics and glitters too. About time, as their make up range on the whole is very good. Love the look of Dark Magenta too!