Thursday, April 24, 2014

Urban Outfitters Undercover

While checking out random gray polishes online (What? You think I might have enough already?) I saw on I Heart Pretty Polish that there was a polish line I was unfamiliar with. I've heard of Urban Outfitters, of course, but was unaware that they had a line of polishes. Unfortunately, the only UO around here is in Boston and since I no longer work in town, I chose the easy way out and ordered a bottle online. I'm so lazy. What an odd square bottle with no label!
Urban Outfitters Undercover, two coats plus topcoat
I was a bit surprised after reading Essie Rae's glowing review because I found the formula to be a bit thick and the brush difficult to maneuver. The color was great, but since it's a dupe for L'Oreal Eiffel For You and I prefer the L'Oreal formula and application, I think this one will go in the swap pile. But now I know to check out what polishes they may have in Urban Outfitters next time I go to Newbury Street!

I'm flying down to Maryland for Anna's wedding tomorrow and it will be so exciting! Even though we text each other all the time, I haven't seen Anna or Erin in person for a couple of years, I think, and a face-to-face is long overdue!

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  1. I love this color - it looks so pretty with your skin tone. Unfortunately I can never wear colors like that :(