Friday, April 11, 2014

Discount Discovery: Ulta Mud Pie

Normally I'm not a big fan of the Ulta brand nail polishes because the formula is usually too thin for my liking, but occasionally I'll find a color that I just have to have or else it's one of the free items with an Ulta reward. In this case, it was both the color and the price; I love these murky, deep taupes and it was on their clearance shelf for only $2.99!
Ulta Mud Pie, two coats plus topcoat
Surprisingly, the formula on this one was just right, maybe even a touch thick for a change, and the application was easy, leveling well with no pulling, with full coverage in two coats. Once it was on it struck me as being similar to Essie Power Clutch so I decided to do a comparison.
Ulta Mud Pie and Essie Power Clutch, two coats each plus topcoat
As you can see, Power Clutch is a bit darker and grayer. The formulas were fine on both and I really can't find a reason to prefer one over the other! I'm surprised that we haven't done a review of Power Clutch here yet since I think all three of us have it, so I'll have to take care of that soon.

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  1. That's a great find for the price! I love digging through Ulta's clearance sections now and again ;)