Monday, April 28, 2014

Blue Monday: Orly Boho Bonnet

I love when Sally Beauty Supply has one of their red tag sales, where they mark down anything with a red label an additional 50% off. If you also happen to have a Sally Beauty Card and one of their 15% off coupons on top of that, you can practically walk out with them owing you money! Recently I scooped up a couple of polishes from Orly's Spring 2013 Hope and Freedom collection, the blue and the green, of course. I'll show you the blue today, the very stunning Boho Bonnet.
Orly Boho Bonnet, two coats plus topcoat
Can you believe this gorgeous shade of blue? Gasp! I die! I read in another blog that it's possibly a dupe for Zoya Kristen but I'm not sure that it is. I remember sending Kristen down to Anna because it was too harsh against my skintone and gave me lobster hands, but this blue is perfection on me. I wore it for days!

The formula was easy to apply and covered well, but I did notice some tip wear after the first day but nothing really objectionable. Loved this bargain!

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