Monday, March 31, 2014

Discount Discovery: Revlon Muse

Ulta has been making up for the months of lean pickings on their clearance shelves by stocking them with great finds lately! This is a Revlon that was from (I think) their Spring 2012 collection, although I don't remember ever seeing it before. How did I miss this beauty? I'm glad I did because I got to scoop it up for only $1.29!
Revlon Muse, two coats plus topcoat
Color-wise it's like a paler version of SinfulColors Beau Khaki and formula-wise it was impressive. I loved this one so much that I wore it for four days and there was no noticeable wear other than some faint scratches on the topcoat. This one is so going in my favorites pile!
After four days of wear!
Check out the clearance shelf at your Ulta — maybe you can find this one, too!


  1. Very cool color! The pickings at my Ulta have been crazy slim too lately but I can't stop checking.

    1. Me, too! I check every time I'm there, just in case!,