Monday, March 3, 2014

Blue Monday: Essie Truth or Flare and Comparisons

Occasionally the coupons I get at Target when I check out are for items I can actually use, so when I got another one for Essie nail polish I went over to see if they had anything new. The display for the new Spring 2014 Hide & Go Chic Collection was pretty picked over but I did spot this beauty and snapped it up!
Essie Truth or Flare, three coats plus topcoat
Truth or Flare is a bright — but still grayed out — pastel blue crelly, so the shine goes all the way down to the nail bed. That also means it's a bit sheer and it needed three coats to completely cover, but if I weren't so picky about visible nail line two coats would have sufficed. When I first put it on I was afraid that it was a total dupe for a couple of other colors I already have (like that never happens!) but I was pleased to find that it is not. It is grayer than Sally Hansen Blue-Ming Fast but not as green as butter LONDON Artful Dodger, which I didn't even consider to be greenish until I did this side-by-side. Nice to have another bright blue!

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