Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish

I never really seek out new Rimmel nail polishes mostly because I only see one tiny side shelf display at CVS carrying the same few colors from the Lasting Finish line (which I understand is being discontinued), but recently I saw a huge counter display at Walgreens showcasing their 60 Seconds line of colors and featuring several spring-like pastels. They were only $1.69 so I thought I'd try a couple — purples, of course!
Sweet Lavender, two coats, no topcoat
Sweet Lavender is a nice pale purple that leans toward the red side. It's one of my more flattering colors but not terribly new or unique.
I Lilac You, two coats, no topcoat
I Lilac You (is it a rule that every polish manufacturer has to use this name on a lilac color?) is a pale purple that leans toward the blue side, also a favorite of mine but also not terribly new or unique.
Brush and bottle
The bottles are smaller at 0.27 fl oz rather than the usual 0.5 fl oz but the neck is wide enough that you're not trying to fit a full-sized brush into a mini bottle. The brush is medium-wide and short, but the cap is long so the brush is easy to use, although one of them was slightly angled so I had to be sure to hold it one certain way to use properly.

Application was easy on both, which was kind of surprising because pastels can be streaky and I was concerned about the quick-dry aspect of it making it worse. "60 Seconds" is a catchy name and it did dry fairly quickly, but not even close to one minute fast. They both dried shiny, but not the glossy shine that you get with a quick-dry topcoat. For $1.69 it's a good deal and they'd be great for when you don't have time for a full mani, but the colors were uninspired so don't feel that you need to rush out looking for the display.

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