Monday, February 24, 2014

Pure Ice Scandal, old and new

When I saw Leslie's swatches of the new Pure Ice collection at Work/Play/Polish (I just love her swatches — I aspire to that level of manicure skills and photography!) I noticed there was a "new" color called Scandal, which was interesting because I'd recently used a Pure Ice Scandal that my sister had sent me a year or so back. The one that Leslie had swatched was definitely a dark chocolate brown while the one that I had was more of a deep burgundy. Ve-e-e-ery interesting… I've seen different colors of Pure Ice with the same name before, even at the same time, so I suppose they just decide to reuse favorite names whenever they like. Makes it tough for us bloggers, though!
"New" Scandal, two coats, no topcoat
The Walmart near me must have a new manager in the beauty supply section because recently they have been actually getting in the new polish collections, relatively close to when I start reading about them online. Before, they never even got them at all, so this is definitely a step up for them. So imagine my surprise and delight to see the very same collection that Leslie had recently reviewed! I scooped up Scandal, Shore Bet, and Happy Hour, although the latter looks a lot better on her than it does on me, so you won't be seeing that one here! But a chocolate-y Scandal? Yes, please!
Scandal, old and new
The older version of Scandal is still a nice vampy red and the crelly formula is pretty much the same on both, but I have to say that I definitely prefer the newer, browner version. Vampy reds are a dime a dozen, but a decent chocolate brown is hard to come by so this one is most welcome.
Same name, almost the same number, different color
If you want to be sure you get the browner Scandal, the label is a different shape and the number is just 983, whereas the older version has the round label and the number is 983CP and it just has Pure Ice on the bottle front instead of also having the Made in USA lines.


  1. You are a genius. First, thank you for the unfounded compliments (silly). I'm a newbie and love you guys for what you do! I'm always so curious to see the follow-up posts to "new" Pure Ice releases. The public is infinitely resourceful and deciphers the down-low pretty quickly! Isn't it strange how new Pure Ice names come back around? Excellent post!! <3

  2. I'm serious! I know my nails will never look as good as yours because my fingers are so short by I strive to reach your level of photography!

    It is interesting how Pure Ice reuses polish names, isn't it? As if they only have a finite number to choose from.