Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finger Paints Kaleidoscope Flakies

A couple of years ago Finger Paints released a Special Effects collection of flakies and they were a smash hit, selling out almost immediately. I managed to get four of the five by going to nearly every single Sally Beauty Supply store in New England, then finally acquired Twisted, the most popular one and the first to sell out, a few months ago in a blog sale. So when I heard that they were releasing a new collection this year I took no chances and asked the manager of my local Sally to hold one of each when they finally came in. (They know me on sight by now…) The colors in this collection are not as vibrant as those in the previous one, and the shapes of the flakes are more varied in both shape and size. I'm showing each of them over a coat of SinfulColors Black on Black but I think you will get lots of options by layering them over a dark solid of the most predominant refractions in each polish.

I'll start off with the one that I think will be this collection's TwistedSymmetrical Symphony. This one had the most colors in the flakes, as did Twisted, so the effect is more striking. The most obvious are gold and sapphire, but there is also a lot of lavender and pink.
Symmetrical Symphony over Black on Black
I'll show the other four colors, one on each nail, again over SinfulColors Black on Black. Abstract Attraction is primarily blues and purples and would look great over a navy or deep purple. Colorful Dream has smaller shards and has a lot of greens and teals in with the purples. Psychedelic Hue is very peacock-y, with rich emeralds in with the teals and blues. Vivid Reflection has the largest size flakes mixed in with the others and has more orange and red tones to it. I tried it over Pure Ice Scandal and it looked amazing!
Finger Paints are available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and, luckily for you, will be buy one-get one free for the month of February!

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  1. you sold me on buy one get on free, these are pretty I might just get them to just have I like the pink and different chunks in Vivid Reflection