Friday, January 31, 2014

Fancy Friday: OPI Mariah Carey Pure

Last year there were a lot of pure gold flake toppers released, including OPI The Man With The Golden Gun and Zoya 18K (did you enter our give-away?), but this time (so far) OPI is the only one to release an 18K white gold and silver leaf topper — Pure, from the Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection. Like The Man With The Golden Gun, Pure comes in a white gold bottle so you can't see the polish itself. I've always felt that white gold and silver looks better with cooler shades so I decided to show it over Tomorrow Never Dies, from the James Bond Collection. I think the shimmer sets off the white gold leaf nicely.
Pure over Tomorrow Never Dies, plus topcoat
I remembered that Anna said that the weight of the gold made the larger flakes sink to the bottom of the bottle so that it was difficult to get them on the brush. Fortunately, Pure comes in a special gift box that makes it easy to store the bottle upside-down so they can sink to the top of the bottle! Even so, you need to dab the brush on your nail to get an even distribution of flakes, then apply a clear topcoat to even things out. I like how the flakes are irregular in shape and appear textured because it makes them stand out from your basic smooth glitters. Fancy!

Pure retails for USD$30 in stores like Ulta, but if you're a bargain hunter — as I am — you can find it for as little as $10 online. My bottle was labeled "not for individual sale" so I'm not sure how it was originally marketed (was there a gift set released?), but for a third of the price I'm not too picky.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finger Paints Kaleidoscope Flakies

A couple of years ago Finger Paints released a Special Effects collection of flakies and they were a smash hit, selling out almost immediately. I managed to get four of the five by going to nearly every single Sally Beauty Supply store in New England, then finally acquired Twisted, the most popular one and the first to sell out, a few months ago in a blog sale. So when I heard that they were releasing a new collection this year I took no chances and asked the manager of my local Sally to hold one of each when they finally came in. (They know me on sight by now…) The colors in this collection are not as vibrant as those in the previous one, and the shapes of the flakes are more varied in both shape and size. I'm showing each of them over a coat of SinfulColors Black on Black but I think you will get lots of options by layering them over a dark solid of the most predominant refractions in each polish.

I'll start off with the one that I think will be this collection's TwistedSymmetrical Symphony. This one had the most colors in the flakes, as did Twisted, so the effect is more striking. The most obvious are gold and sapphire, but there is also a lot of lavender and pink.
Symmetrical Symphony over Black on Black
I'll show the other four colors, one on each nail, again over SinfulColors Black on Black. Abstract Attraction is primarily blues and purples and would look great over a navy or deep purple. Colorful Dream has smaller shards and has a lot of greens and teals in with the purples. Psychedelic Hue is very peacock-y, with rich emeralds in with the teals and blues. Vivid Reflection has the largest size flakes mixed in with the others and has more orange and red tones to it. I tried it over Pure Ice Scandal and it looked amazing!
Finger Paints are available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and, luckily for you, will be buy one-get one free for the month of February!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Blue Monday: SinfulColors Violets Are Blue

When I saw on Nouveau Cheap that SinfulColors had two new collections out and one had all new shades I ran right over to Rite Aid! I was so excited to see that the displays had just been put out and none were missing, so I filled my basket. Almost — I didn't get Daisy Daze from the Mod In Bloom collection because I don't really care for pastel yellows, and I only got two from the Oh My Mod! collection because the others were too similar to what I have. If I only knew…

I'm featuring Violets Are Blue because I think it's a beautiful color, a light periwinkle blue with glass flecks — a deeper version of Cinderella. It was also (I thought) one of the few that was not, unfortunately, a dupe of an earlier color. Yes, these may all have new names and numbers but they are virtually identical to other SinfulColors, mostly from the recent Sugar Rush Collection. I guess I was thinking that they couldn't possibly dupe their own colors so quickly, but I was wrong. I'll show you side-by-side comparisons of the others but I thought that this one and the red-orange Feel The Vibe were unique because I didn't have a match for them, but I saw on Instagram that Violets Are Blue is a dupe for Morning Star. Sad Face…The upside of that, I suppose, is that Morning Star was on my wish list and now I have it! I don't have enough oranges to compare to Feel The Vibe but it wouldn't surprise me if it was also a dupe. (I'll show that one in a later post.) Seriously, I accidentally bought Mint Apple twice and those two bottles of the same color were more unlike each other than these supposedly different colors. Why do that, SinfulColors? Why?
Violets Are Blue, two coats plus topcoat
Here are the comparisons from Mod In Bloom (in each case the "new" one is on the right):
L: Sugar Rush, R: Blue Lucite
L: Candy Coated, R: Baby Blues
L: SinfulShine Rendezvous, R: Nice Stems
L: Sugar N Spice, R: Pink Poppys
L: Orange Cream, R: Cream Soda
Cream Soda is slightly redder, more like a pink grapefruit color.

And from the Oh My Mod! Collection:
L: SinfulShine Alfresco, R: Hip To Be Square
L: Amethyst, R: Go Go Boots
While it is disappointing to have an entire collection of so-called new colors be nearly identical to another entire collection, if you want to look on the bright side of things most of the dupes were LE and are no longer available, so if you missed out on Sugar Rush you have a second chance. Also, a couple of dupes were from the more expensive SinfulShine line of colors, so you're saving a buck each on those. Formula-wise I thought that all of the new ones were very close to the SinfulShine formula in that they were almost crellys, which leads me to wonder if the SinfulShine line will be phased out. Perhaps customers didn't think it was worth the extra dollar?

Monday, January 20, 2014

SinfulColors Graine de Poivre

Yeah, I know — I have way too many mushroom taupes. I can't help it! They're so classic and elegant and I love them! Graine de Poivre was on a giant end cap at Walgreens that held several collections but they were all mixed up by the time I got there so I'm not certain, but I think it was from the Country Chic collection.
SinfulColors Graine de Poivre, two coats plus topcoat
I've already compared NirvanaMatte Nirvana, and Rebel so I'll just say that this one has more of a lavender/gray cast to it than the others. Since the name translates to "pepper seed" I guess it makes sense that it would be grayer. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Fall 2013 Swatches

***This polish was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***

Happy Monday! I have some great swatches for you today that I'm super excited about.  I anxiously await the designer collaborations with Sally Hansen and this collection from Tracy Reese doesn't disappoint.

Malbec is a dark, rich eggplant creme.  This polish applied like a DREAM.  This is two perfect coats with very little clean up.  I love how dark it is but it still reads purple on my nails.  Love!

New Wave Blue is a gorgeous teal creme.  This whole collection applied like butter so I'm just going to keep saying it.  It's completely even and smooth in two coats.  I will say this girl stains.  I think the color is worth the stain though.

Perfectly Poppy is a bright red creme.  I haven't met many reds I don't like and this is one is no different.  It applied perfectly in 2 coats and I just love how bright and happy it is.

What do you think of these shades?  I really, really love them!  Did you pick up any of the Fall 2013 designer collaboration polishes?  P.S.  I'm still pregnant.

The Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fall 2013 nail polish collection is limited edition but available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish retails for $7.99. 

***This polish was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sinful Colors Holiday 2013

***Polishes provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday night!  Sorry for the late post.  I'm still pregnant.  41 weeks and 1 day pregnant to be exact and OVER IT.  So let's get to some swatches and not think about how pregnant I am, ok?  OK.  Sinful Colors released two holiday collections this year available exclusively at Walgreens for 1.99 and I have one polish from each collection to show you.

The Holiday Tinsel Collection features six sparkling holiday inspired shades infused with glitter that gives nails a just tinseled touch.  I choose Spiked Ice which is described as black dazzle.  Spiked Ice is black micro slice bar glitter in a clear base.   I layered it over Sinful Colors Slate, a glass fleck gray.  I think this combo totally works for a New Years Eve mani or really an any time mani.  I'm not a fan of big bar glitter but for some reason, these little micro slices get me.  I like it!

The Sheer Lustre Glitter Topcoat Collection is designed to be worn over any Sinful Colors nail polish to add extra bling to any look.  Girls Best Friend is my pick from this fun collection, a hot pink and silver micro glitter topper.  I couldn't resist putting one coat over my favorite pink, Orly Preamp for a pink explosion!

What do you think about these polishes?  Are you a fan of micro slice bar glitter?  

***Polishes provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***

Monday, January 6, 2014

Discount Discovery Sally Hansen Mega-haul!

Right now Ocean State Job Lot has the entire display for the Sally Hansen Designer Series from Spring 2013, which included Resurrection and Butterscotch, the Sorbet Soiree Collection, and the Lustre Shines, each on sale for only USD$2! I didn't get any of the Lustre Shines because I'm not that much of a fan of duo chromes unless it's a really different set of colors, which this collection was not, but I did get a few from the other two. They also had racks and racks of the Salon Effects Nail Strips for $3, including the French Tips.
sally hansen, soy latte, swatch
Soy Latte, two coats plus topcoat
My favorite was Soy Latte, a neutral warm medium beige. I'm going to have to dig through my polishes to find my bottle of Essie Milky Way because I think they may be similar, although I suspect that this one is a bit more yellow.

If you live near an Ocean State Job Lot they've been getting in a lot of polishes in the past few months, often complete collections that are also still in the CVS across the street from the one near me. Getting a current polish at a discounted price is a deal but I also like the option of getting a color that I wasn't willing to fork over $9 to try but is definitely worth $2, even if it's several months after the original release. I'm lucky that there's a Job Lot in the same strip mall as my supermarket so I can check new stock all the time, but even if it's a bit of a trip, they're worth checking out these days.