Sunday, March 31, 2013

NOTD Easter Skittle

Happy Vernal Equinox Celebration to all! OK, so this isn't a terribly original idea but there's no denying that it's pastel and spring-like and I think it's really pretty. Enjoy!
Like dotted Swiss fabric!
From pinkie to thumb, the colors are:
SinfulColors Tempest
butter LONDON Sprog
Sally Hansen Parrot
SinfulColors Unicorn
Barielle Joytini
The white dots are Konad Stamping White

I think Tempest and Joytini are due for a full review on their own, don't you?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Etoile Polish - Greenwich St. Soriee

Happy Saturday!  I received two awesome polishes for review from Etoile and I couldn't wait to share them with you.  Pink Panache and Fizzy Cucumber make up the Greenwich St. Soiree set and they come in the cutest box.  The set is described as:  Refreshing cocktails, cobblestones cafes, cheerfully colored accessories - these are just a few of the things that make spring so sweet. Inspired by New York City's West Village, our latest collection, Greenwich St. Soirée, includes Fizzy Cucumber, a fresh mint green, and Pink Panache, a bold hot pink. Both infused with our signature ingredient: genuine diamond dust.

Pink Panache is a great hot pink.  I love the shimmer that the diamond dust adds and I love how fancy it make me feel to have diamonds on my nails!  These swatches show base coat, two coats of Pink Panache and Out The Door topcoat.  The formula was great, thick in a good way and very easy to control.  I barely had to do any clean up.

I really love mint polishes but mint polishes usually don't love me.  I always get lobster hands (where your skin takes on a strange red tint in comparison to your nails) when I wear mint but Fizzy Cucumber really works on me.  Again, the shimmer does it for me.  I needed three thin coats for even coverage but it wasn't a problem.  These polishes dry down a little dull so I would definitely add top coat to get the full shimmer effect.

Gorgeous shimmer!  And please excuse that wonky ring finger.  I had a weird break and I'm trying to let it grow out.

These polishes are perfect for Easter tomorrow so I decided to mix them up and wear them both together.  I knew my nails needed to look good for Anna's birthday dinner tonight to compete with her amazing water marble so take that Anna!  You have gorgeous nail art and I have DIAMONDS!

A rare right hand sighting!  And for good reason...look at that middle nub. 
So what do you think about these Etoile polishes?  This was my first experience with them and I really love them.  The formula was great and the addition of the diamond dust sets these polishes apart in the marketplace.  The bottles are heavy and feel very luxe and the packaging is just adorable.  Very well thought out!

Etoile is available here for $18 per bottle.  The Greenwich St. Soiree Set retails for $26 so it's a deal to get them both together!  Make sure you like the Etoile Facebook page for updates and specials.

***This polish was provided to me for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.***

Friday, March 29, 2013

Anna's Birthday Water Marble!

Happy birthday to me! After writing my post last night for today's review, I ran over to my Helmers and started trying to find something fun to put on my nails today. I pulled out all of the polishes I bought from the new OPI Euro Centrale collection and decided to use them all!

From L-R- OPI...Eurso Euro, Suzi's Hungary Again!, You're Such a Budapest, Can't Find My Czrchbook, Oy- Another Polish Joke!, Vant to Bite My Neck?, My Vampire is Buff

I've been having a lot of fun lately working on my water marbling skills. If you're not familiar with the technique, try going to YouTube and just searching for "water marble nails" and you will get SO many amazing results. If you have any favorite tutorials, please share them in the comments or on our Facebook page!

These polishes were PERFECT for marbling (except Budapest and Polish Joke--too much shimmer) and they were super easy to work with. I added accent dots with my dotting tool to the marbles as well. Check it out :)

Left hand
Right hand

I'm so happy with how this came out! It took me ALL night. I was able to get my left hand done on the first try but my right hand was another story. That's the third attempt up there. Hope you all enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Ludurana- Admiravel

Guess what today is? My birthday! Not just any birthday, it's my Golden Birthday! Today is March 29th and it's my 29th birthday. Here is my confession, this polish is NOT my birthday mani. I still haven't figured out what to wear! I'm writing this post on the 28th and going over my stash in my brain and I still can't think of anything. Maybe I'll reorganize my stash tonight and come up with something fun.

On to the polish!

Today I have a gorgeous multichrome polish to show you from Ludurana, Admiravel. I was so excited when I received this for review because while I have a few other Ludurana polishes, they are all flakies and I love them! I had seen the multichromes on Llarowe before but just hadn't ordered any yet. In case you're not familiar, Ludurana is a Brazilian brand of polish and not available here in the states. If you want to purchase any, you've gotta go through a US retailer (like Llarowe) or make some friends in Brazil! Robin reviewed another Ludurana multichrome, Reluz, earlier this month.

In the bottle, there's a whole lot of color shifting going on
On my nails, I didn't get quite the same effect. Llarowe describes Admiravel as multichrome that shifts from purple to green to blue to khaki. I used black undies for this mani but I really don't think I needed to. When Robin reviewed Reluz, she saw that there wasn't much of a difference between the polish whether it had undies or not. These photos show two coats of Admiravel over one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black (my favorite one-coat black creme). 

I put this mani on in the morning before work. I wanted to have the whole day to see it under different lights to give the polish the chance to show me every color it has to offer. Unfortunately, I pretty much only saw green. A beautiful, bright, shimmering, bold, gorgeous green, but no purple, blue, or khaki to be found. Sad :(

It just glows! So pretty

As I was moving my hand around in different positions in my light box and taking photos I discovered something new! What's this? Colors that aren't green! Almost a tarnished gold color. Lots of purple shimmers. Way more going on than anything I had seen all day.

Look at the purple shimmers!
I even managed to get a picture with ALL of the colors. No blue though.

Pros- Love the gorgeous bright green sparkly finish!

Cons- Kinda bummed that I had no idea about the color shifts until I got my hands in a light box.

Overall- Ludurana has a ton of multichrome, holo and flakie polishes available. A little something for everyone. I can't wait to get my hands on more!

You can purchase Ludurana polishes from Llarowe's website. Keep up with restocks by liking them on Facebook!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Enchanted Polish- Mean Mr. Mustard

**The products featured in this post were provided for an honest review**

I'm so excited to show you guys another gorgeous polish from Enchanted Polish! This is the third polish we're reviewing from their Imagine Collection (here and here)and it's just as multichromey as the others! Mean Mr. Mustard is a multichrome holographic nail polish that flashes green to gold to copper

The swatches below show three coats of Mean Mr. Mustard with Seche Vite top coat. Did you read that correctly? No undies!!! This baby does reach full opacity in two coats but I wasn't careful and it was pretty brush strokey so I added a careful third coat to make it look nice.

This polish has so many dimensions and it was hard to capture them all!

Blurry holo sparkle

By the kitchen window at sundown

More sunset multichome goodness

And I can't forget the adorable boxes Enchanted Polishes come in! I love a beautifully organized Helmer drawer filled with nail polish boxes.

As soon as I put Mean Mr. Mustard on, I thought that it was definitely a dupe (plus holo sparkle) for Chanel Peridot. You know, that discontinued hard to find Chanel polish that nearly every other brand of nail polish duped? Robin posted an in-depth comparison last year. Well I was wrong!

The Peridot dupe that I own is Gap Gold Rush. I used three coats of Gold rush on my middle and pinky nails. Mean Mr. Mustard is on my pointer and ring finer below.

Mean Mr. Mustard is much brighter and yellow/green while Gold Rush leans gold with a green flash.

Pros- Most multichrome polishes need to be layered over dark undies to show off all of their colors but not Enchanted Polish multichromes! I need to get my hands on the rest of this collection!!

Cons- I don't think Mean Mr. Mustard has as much holo sparkle as the other ones I've tried from the Imagine collection. I was only able to get it to come out in direct light. 

Overall- I love love LOVE this collection and I need them all. Restocks sell out SUPER fast so you better be on your toes in order to snatch these babies up. Worth it!

Enchanted Polish is available to purchase directly from the EP website and Llarowe. Unfortunately, Mean Mr. Mustard is sold out on both sites right now. Like Enchanted Polish and Llarowe on Facebook to keep up with new collections and restocks!

**The products featured in this post were provided for an honest review**

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shimmer Polish - Part 1

Happy Wednesday!  I have a big, picture heavy post for you today so let's get to it.  We recieved a huge box of Shimmer Polishes to review and I have five to show you today.  Shimmer is famous for doing mini glitter bombs right.  You can layer one coat over a base color or build it up to a sparkling opaque in 2-3 coats.  All of the swatches below (except Eva) show one coat of Shimmer over a base color and one coat of Out The Door Top Coat for an extra shine and quick dry.

First up, we have Eva.  Eva is the only Shimmer I received that does not have a clear base.  Eva is described as:  Burgundy Red with a hint of Silver Sparkly Polish!  Gorgeous, vampy sparkle.  I love it. 

Jasmine is described as:  Aquamarine, light blue and green Glitter Polish! I layered Jasmine over Zoya Ziv. I'm obsessed with gold and aqua together and I love this combo. It's so insanely sparkly.  

Jennifer is described as:  Soft Blue, Periwinkle Glitter Polish!  I swear I see some pink and gold in here as well.  I layered Jennifer over Essie Ladylike and I love how soft and delicate it came out.  So girly.  

Tammy is described as:  Gold Silver Purple Glitter Polish!  I layered Tammy over OPI You're Such a Budapest.  I'm always a fan when gold and silver are mixed together.  

Tiffany is described as:  Pale Pink and Blue Glitter Polish!  I layered Tiffany over a baby pink creme.  This is the perfect polish for a baby shower where they aren't announcing the sex of the baby.  Pink and blue tiny glitter?  Adorable.  

Pros:  The glitter pay off is wonderful in one coat.  And I like that it gives you an option.  It can be, but doesn't have to be full coverage.
Cons:  It seems like there's so many different glitters in each polish that you sometimes can't distinguish all the colors.  It's not really a bad thing but just pointing it out.
Overall:  I was really impressed with the quality of these glitter polishes and I love that Cindy will create a custom polish for you.  Just shoot her a message with your colors and she will make you your very own Shimmer!

Shimmer polish can be purchased on Etsy for $12 for a full size bottle.  Make sure to like their Facebook page for updates!

**This polish was provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Essie Maximillian Strasse-her

Essie has a new Spring collection out called Madison Ave-hue, named after fashion shopping centers around the world. The only one that really caught my eye was Maximillian Strasse-her because, well, green! This one is a lovely grayed-out ashy green that is unlike any other that I have, so it was a no-brainer, right?
Essie Maximillian Strasse-her
The color on this does shift between leaning more to gray or green depending on the light but what I like about it the most is that it's not as minty as so many pastel greens tend to be, which means it's more flattering with my skin tone. And it's so elegant and fashionable! Application was the usual excellent Essie formula and it still looked newly applied after a couple of days, so that was impressive.

Some other blogs have been speculating that it's a dupe for one of Essie's earlier colors, Chinchilly, but the two are so different that just a bottle shot should put that rumor to rest.
Not even close!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Monday: Essie Lapis Of Luxury

**This polish was provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

I have been having a love affair with my Essie polishes lately. They apply so easily and look beautiful for so many days! (Not that I wear a color for more than a day or two, but still...) I was especially excited to get a bottle of Lapis Of Luxury and find that it was a crelly (creme-jelly hybrid.) I love the sheen and depth of color that you get with these kinds of finishes.
Essie Lapis Of Luxury
Originally from the 2010 Resort Collection, it appears to have been renamed Lapiz Of Luxury at some point and that's what it's now called on their web site. Still the same gorgeous shade, however.
Some labels say Lapiz, but not this one.
Because of the crelly finish it was thin and a bit sheer, so I probably should have done three coats instead of two. It looked fine to the naked eye but I saw some show-through at the tips in my photos and there was substantial tip wear by the end of the next day. Just keep that in mind when applying and I think you will love this color as much as I do.

Pros: the delightful crelly finish and the gorgeous pastel blue.

Cons: the thin formula, but fine if you put on an extra coat.

Overall: this is going to become one of my favorite blues, I can tell. Just gorgeous!

Essie polishes can be found at Beauty Stop Online, Target, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

**This polish was provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

Sunday, March 24, 2013

piCture pOlish- Splash

Today I have an awesome glitter polish to show you that was sent for review. Picture Polish is a super fun Australian line of nail polish that I've had the chance to try before (Erin review Monroe here) and I love them! Rectangular bottles with a fat flat brush. I love it.

First I'll show you the underwear I used for this mani. Underwear is a necessity when the polish you are using is too sheer to be worn on its own. Here are three goopy coats on Sinful Colors Candy Coated. I didn't love the formula on this polish but the color is to die for so I just went with it.

But who cares about these undies? Today the focus is on piCture pOlish- Splash. If Daryl can do it, you can too! I love the extra copy Picture Polish adds to their bottles. Splash is a clear base with sky blue multi sized and shaped glitter. This is my kind of glitter topper. Small hexes that just add an extra sparkle to a mani. I love it.

Whenever I see a QR code, I laugh.

Picture Polish bottles are 11ml, while most full sized bottles are 15ml

Pros- Even glitter coverage in one coat!

Cons- While Splash isn't exactly a super unique glitter, it's a great staple to have in your stash.

Overall- I love this glitter and didn't have any exact dupes in my stash. The closest was Barry M Aqua Glitter which has way more mircoglitter and gives a different overall effect than Splash. I want to try a glitter gradient with this.

piCture pOlish is available to purchase in the US from Llarowe for $12.50 or directly from piCture pOlish for AU$10. Keep up with the latest restocks by liking Llarowe on Facebook and following them on Twitter. Like piCture pOlish on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

*Products featured in this post were provided for an honest review**

Saturday, March 23, 2013

China Glaze Spontaneous

**This polish was provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

Even though I have lots and lots of purples, after seeing Spontaneous on The Polished Perfectionist it immediately went on my wish list (I love AmyGrace's cakes, too!) Such a rich purple color — yum!
China Glaze Spontaneous
Application was a breeze, just two easy coats to cover and a top coat of Seche Vite for the quick dry. I had done my nails after dropping my car off to be worked on and when I went back for it even the mechanic commented on the lovely color!
Label shot
Pros: great creamy formula and the gorgeous color.

Cons: can't think of one — loved this polish!

Overall: definitely going into my permanent rotation.

Spontaneous is part of the China Glaze core line and can be found at Beauty Stop Online

**This polish was provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**