Wednesday, December 4, 2013

OPI Spam Post

Did you know that Sally Beauty Supply now carries OPI? If you have a Beauty Club Card (and if not, why not?) they're $7.99 each and if you get their emails you often get coupons for 10%-15% off purchases so they're even less! Sally is having a sale this month to celebrate and if you text SALLY to 47766 you can get extra discounts texted to your phone. They're carrying over 90 shades so I thought I'd repost some of my favorites.

Tickle My France-y
Tickle My France-y
You're Such A Budapest (I can't believe I didn't give this lovely a post of its own!)
You're Such A Budapest
Black Cherry Chutney (Erin has some gorgeous photos on her review but I only have a comparison.)
Black Cherry Chutney
Pirouette My Whistle sandwiched between My Pointe Exactly
Can't Find My Czechbook (I only got the minis and never got around to writing a review!)
Can't Find My Czechbook

They also have all the the San Francisco collection, of which I only got A-Piers To Be Tan,  Lost On Lombard and I Haven't The Foggiest. (I got the last two for free during Banana Republic's 8 Days Of Giving — did you get any?) Look for those swatches soon!


  1. I love each and every shade on you! Tickle My France-y on me looks terrible :/

    1. Thanks! Hmmmm. Maybe there's a shade similar to Tickle My France-y that might be more flattering to you? I'll have to do a comparison!

    2. I've seen your comparison and it seems like the new Rue would look much better on me ;)
      Congrats for the swatches of the new collection anyway!