Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Super Black Lacquer- The Whale

Today I have a super awesome polish that I'm SO EXCITED to share with you. When we got the opportunity to review some Super Black polishes, I had a little SQUEE moment before I casually played it off to my cousins like it was no big deal. You can see Erin's review of a different Super Black polish here.

Do you know who the genius behind Super Black nail polish is? Natalie Dee! Do you know who Natalie Dee is? You better, because she's the Queen of the Internet as far as I'm concerned. Natalie (and her husband) have been drawing web comics for as long as I can remember laughing at web comics. I'd show one here for you to see as reference, but I'm pretty sure that's copyright infringement. So I'm just going to link you to her website again where you can enjoy her over 3,000 web comics yourself.

Ok, ok. On with the polish. I'll put my fangirl freakout aside for a minute to tell you how much I love this nail polish. I've never seen anything like it and I definitely don't have anything I could compare it to in my collection. 

The Whalethe result of our quest to make a flattering grey nail polish. It is a medium, neutral grey creme polish, with an aqua blue irridescence. A really pretty polish, and a favorite of the SUPER BLACK human guinea pigs

This medium grey base is loaded with a light blue shimmer. The bottle is so shimmery and pretty and I'm usually so disappointed when the shimmer I see in the bottle doesn't show up on my nail. Not this time! I couldn't believe how pretty this baby looks on the nail. The bottles are sleek and thin with a long, thin brush to match. I usually prefer flatter, wider brushes, but this one worked well for me. I used two coats for the swatches below and topped them with my HK Girl top coat.

True story- I've worn this polish FOUR TIMES since I've had it. I don't have many polishes I can say that about!

Super Black lacquers retail for $12 each and can be purchased directly from their website. Don't you love that gorgeous shimmer?

Super Black


  1. This is super pretty! I love the shimmer.

  2. That is so pretty!!!! Definitely a gray I'd wear!

  3. This looks gorgeous on you! I love it!

  4. I have the same reaction to getting SBL!!! This polish is fab...on you and everyone. Great swatch. :)

  5. I have sampled a TON of these and they are all fantastic, but I have yet to try to the Whale...I see an order in my future! It seems like a good fun but not crazy everyday color. Another suggestion is SB's Weird Girl. It is my go to polish!

    I am giving away a couple bottles on my site now! Check it out!