Monday, October 28, 2013

Rainbow Honey - The Final Battle Swatches

***This polish was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***

Happy Monday! I have a few picks from the new Rainbow Honey collection, The Final Battle for you today. Rainbow Honey does such a great job of describing their vision, I'm going to let them do it:

The Final Battle brings us 15 new shades inspired by Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII. Often touted as “the game that sold the PlayStation,” FFVII was a long and grueling gaming experience full of heavy thematic elements and strife. The game touches on eco-terrorism, over-industrialization, and the expectations and challenges we battle over the course of life. With a cast as varied as the enemies they encounter, there was no shortage of inspiration here!

Part I, The Battle, plays off of some of the main elements of the game: the heroes and the ultimate faceoff between the Planet’s Lifestream and the Meteor; Phoenix Down is a nod to the recurring battle item throughout the Final Fantasy series.

Part II, The Summons, depicts five of the attacks used by the beasts and monsters summoned in the game - a crucial part of any important battle!

Part III takes its name from The Weapons created by the Planet as a form of self-defense. These bio-mechanical monsters were massive and powerful and I have taken the chance to create a durable and colorful interpretation of each one. They are smooth, shine bright with metallic shimmer, and make a great base for the many glitters in this collection.

Lifestream is described as:  The pale green and white glitters of the lifestream flow in this shimmery, clear base.  This is stunning in the bottle and on the nail.  Packed full of glitter, I only used one coat of Lifestream over RBL Halcyon.  I love this combo.  

Ruby Weapon is described as:  A darkened ruby red with copper and gold shimmer.  This is so my kind of color!  The copper and gold shimmer is so evident on the nail and I love this color for fall.  I can see myself using the entire mini this season.  I used 2 perfect coats for opacity. 

Hellfire is described as:  Fire takes on a holographic flash in this clear base full of glitter squares, bars, and stars.  Again there is a perfect amount of glitter in this polish.  I only needed one coat and had no issues getting the stars out and it spread perfectly.  No weird glitter placement.  One coat over Ruby Weapon.

Click on this picture!  You need to see it bigger!
What do you think of these 3 from The Final Battle Collection?  Ruby Weapon is my favorite.  And from swatches I've seen Ultimate Weapon and Sapphire Weapon need to be added to my collection ASAP!  

Rainbow Honey polishes can be purchased on their website. Keep up with new collections by liking them on Facebook and following their blog!

***This polish was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***


  1. I think Ruby Weapon is my favourite too, great colour combos!

  2. Beautiful selections! I love Rainbow Honey!

  3. I really like this collection. Great swatches!

  4. I think i'm one of the few people left that hasn;t tried rainbow honey but I should probably get on that right? :P

  5. I LOVE Ruby Weapon - what a spectacular color!!