Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sation "Miss-terranean" Fall Collection

Hello! I'm so excited to show you another amazing collection from Sation. As you might know by now, we are Sation crazy. It seems that every collection they've put out since re-branding has been a winner. The "Miss-teranean" fall collection is no exception! I jumped at the chance to review this collection for you all.

Here's the collection as described by Miss Professional Nail, the company behind Sation-

All aboard the luxury lacquer liner! Miss Professional Nail (Miss) has announced the release of “The Miss-terranean,” their Fall 2013 Nail Lacquer Collection. The Mediterranean-themed campaign is a transatlantic tribute to the rich, vivid color palettes of Europe’s most treasured destinations: the classic beauty of Italy’s primaries; the decadent sizzle of Spain’s signature brights, and the ever-polished appeal of the oh-my-glam Parisians. This collection celebrates the cosmopolitan world with a vicarious experience that is exciting, sophisticated and gloriously indulgent. You deserve a beautifying break, so go ahead and treat yourself (and your nails!) to a holiday on the high seas.

Miss Creative Director Staci Dao was inspired by the glamorous, adventurous vibe of these historical hotspots. She wanted to bottle the essence of their effortlessly elegant nature and colorful, carefree climate - luckily in the nail polish world, this is possible. Be sure to pack your passport, your pearls and your favorite polish! Here are the colors that are on deck for Fall 2013:

First up is Wine-y Happy People- Salute to sophistication! Raise a glass to a rich velvety vino, in an exquisite Bordeaux shade that will make a splash along the Seine. This is a gorgeous deep vampy purple that made my camera GO INSANE. I wanted to show you this picture first, just to get it out of the way. At certain settings, the color was coming out way too dark. I had to lighten things up so much that the polish looks splotchy and weird. This polish is NOT splotchy and weird! I decided to go with this photo though because they are the most color accurate. I used two coats for this swatch. The formula is a thick crelly that looked pretty squishy after one coat. I added the second coat for full opacity. I swear I took 100 pictures and this was the only one that showed the true color. I don't even have a good label shot. Maybe it's time for a new camera!

This is Don Wannabe- Be prepared for fashion followers when you reveal this glorious Grecian blue; it’s unexpected brilliance will be the talk of the villa. Oh man, I LOVE this blue! This is an Anna color if I've ever seen one. I wore it for almost a whole week. Don Wannabe had a similar formula to Wine-y Happy People, a thick crelly with two coats shown below.

Napoleon Dyna-Matte- Start a color revolution in true old-world style with this captivating crimson that your suitors will go matte for. What a gorgeous red! I only used one coat for the pictures below because I wanted you to see how pigmented and pretty this polish is. You can see a little bit of my VNL (visible nail line) in these pictures but it was barely visible at all in real life. Cleanup was a breeze (which is super rare for a red polish) and I had NO staining. The perfect cherry red!

I Need A Spumani- As delectable as the dessert, a muted pistachio will give your nails a chic foreign flavor. This dusty minty crelly was a surprise for me. I expected a thick, opaque creme so the jelly-ness definitely was surprising. I used two coats for the swatches below. I could have gone with 3 but I wanted you to see the squishiness.

Tira Miss-u- The ultimate in lacquered ladyfingers! A silky, sumptuous lavender that will have you reaching for seconds. I don't know that I'd call this lavender, I think of it more as a pastel mauve, maybe? I don't know. Now that I see it being described at lavender, I guess it is!

I saved my favorite for last. Hottie Biscotti- Sizzling yet sensual, this universally flattering neutral will be the toast of the season. It's not quite white, it's not quite nude or beige, it's just pretty and neutral. I want to attack it with all of the glitters and shimmer toppers I have. I used two easy coats for these swatches. Barely any clean up at all, this polish practically painted itself.

So what do you think? This collection definitely has me ready for fall. It's available for sale now!

-Miss Professional Nail-


  1. I really don't own enough Sation polishes! These are so pretty, I love dusty tones like this.

  2. Hottie Biscottie! What a cute name! I really love how Sation is stepping up lately.

  3. These are BEAUTIFUL swatches! Each and every shade looks gorgeous!

  4. I don't have any of this brand.. MUST FIX... all because of YOU!

  5. Don Wannabe is amazing! I am a sucker for blue shades like that.

  6. So pretty! These names kill me... I Need a Spumani? Dying.