Monday, August 19, 2013

Zoya 2013 Fall PixieDust Collection

**Products provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

Textured polishes are still wildly popular and Zoya is building on their base of colors with their new release of the 2013 Fall PixieDust Collection, which has some of their very best colors if you ask me. The colors are intense and most of them were one-coaters, although you could certainly use two or more if you wanted more texture. (I love how their web site tells you to allow product to dry completely in between layers OR ELSE!) You could also choose to use a top coat to smooth it out but I rather like the suede-like texture of the PixieDusts.
Zoya 2013 Fall PixieDust Collection
I'll start off with my favorite of the collection, Arabella, a rich raspberry color. Two coats and it was easy to manipulate so no cleanup was required. The color is primarily berry with touches of silver to spice it up. I love this one so much!
Arabella, two coats
Next is Sunshine, one of the best navy colors I've ever come across. This one was the most matte of the collection although there is still plenty of silver sparkle, as you can see in the bottle. Simply stunning!
Sunshine, one coat
Tomoko really needs a video to show off its true beauty! It's like watching bubbles rise to the top in a flute of champagne and the result is breathtaking. Truly a polish worthy of a special event! I used three coats here only because I smudged one nail and had to apply another coat and I wanted them all to match but two were just fine. A warning, though, that the glitter on this is nearly impossible to clean up so it's better to stay away from the edges of your nails than it is to let the polish touch the skin and try to clean up after. Even after removing it I had to scrub at my fingers with a nail brush to get rid of the glitter and I still kept finding it all over my hands.
Tomoko, three coats
You all know how I love greens and Chita doesn't disappoint. It's a rich forest-y hunter green with highlights that glint gold, like lightning bugs on a summer evening. Another favorite for me!
Chita, one coat
Dhara is a deeper orange than Beatrix, from the Summer Collection but not as red as Destiny. It has glints of gold that make it look aflame (doesn't the bottle almost look like burning coals?) Even though summer is nearly over this would make an awesome summer pedicure.
Dhara, two coats
Purple is another of my favorite colors and Carter is an amazingly rich shade due to the bits of red in with the various shades of violet. Unfortunately, the formula on this one was difficult to handle and globbed on, but since this bottle shipped with a loose cap and some had leaked out I'm blaming the shipping for that and not the polish, especially since it was the only problematic one of the collection.
Carter, two coats
If you've been put off of trying textured polishes, give the PixieDusts a try — their texture is more suede-like than some of the others out there and less likely to catch on fabrics as long as you buff the tips to smooth out any rough edges.

Zoyas can be purchased at any Ulta store as well as the Zoya website and retail for USD$9 per bottle. Follow them on Twitter to keep up-to-date with their products and like them on Facebook for the latest on nail care and style!

**Products provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

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