Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pretty & Polished Fall Collection

Good morning! Anna here. I'm pretty excited today because I'm starting a new semester for my Master's program. The first day of school is always nerve wrecking, even if we're all grown ups. Anyway, on to the polish!

 Today I have some pretties from the new Pretty & Polished Fall Collection plus an unreleased thermal polish to show you. I have been dying to try a thermal polish since I saw Erin's post about P&P Dreams of Mermaids.

First up is Leaf Me Breathless. This is a sheer bright yellow jelly polish loaded with leaf-colored hexes and diamonds. I wanted to show you how much glitter is in this baby so I used two coats of Sation- AbbacaDazzle (full review here) first and dabbed a coat of Leaf Me Breathless on top. This polish definitely reminds me of fall leaves and if you love yellow, you need this polish.

Next up is H-equinox My Socks Off, a taupe crelly base with blue and gold hexes throughout. I used three coats for the swatch below. I thought this shade of taupe would clash with my skin tone but this polish ended up being a surprise favorite!

The last polish I have to show you from the Fall Collection is Forever My Pumpking, a bright orange jelly with tiny gold flakes. This polish dries to a satin matte finish. I had some trouble with the formula. It went on a little streaky and I needed three coats to level it out. I wasn't able to see the flakes on the nail so I tried adding a topcoat to see if I could get them to shine. They were definitely more visible under a topcoat but I still couldn't get my camera to show them. My camera has a deep fear of bright orange polishes!

Now, I'm sorry to say that I don't know much about this polish. I know that it's called Flashdance. I know that it's a thermal polish that goes from sparkly dusty baby blue to sparkly white. And I know that I really love it. I just don't know when it will be released for you all to enjoy!

I was running a little warm this day and I had a hard time capturing the blue! I tried to use hot and cool water to show the effect, which is why you can see drops on my fingers. But my sink is at the other end of my house from my light box. You should have seen me running back and forth trying to get pictures before the color changed back!

So what do you think? This is definitely a collection that screams Fall to me and I LOVE this thermal polish. The Fall Collection will be available to purchase on September 5th :)

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