Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pretty & Polished - Dreams of Mermaids

***This polish was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***

Hi everyone!  Today I have my first thermal polish to show you, Pretty & Polished Dreams of Mermaids and this one is a stunner.  This is the reformulated version so it has more glitter and larger hexes than the original.  I googled some older swatches and it looks like the color it changes to is a little more yellow green. I would describe this polish as a shimmery forest green (cold, in the bottle) with lime green dots, blue and green small glitter and large blue hexes and then warm, the color shifts to a lime green.  I wish I would have had a little more free edge on my nails so you can see the color shift on the cooler edge.  But alas, I have long nail beds and I love cutting my nails down!

Cold - straight from the bottle

With my body heat

After running under hot water
What do you think of the reformulated Dreams of Mermaids?  I love the name and I think it's totally fitting.  And more glitter is always a plus in my book!

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***This polish was provided for review.  All opinions are my own.***


  1. OMG I will be needing this! LOVE Mermaid anything! :)

  2. I love heat-changing polishes!!! This looks like a good fall/winter polish (with its evergreen shade) :)

  3. I love color changers! When my nails were longer I loved wearing them for an insta funky french effect!

    1. I need to put this back on when my nails are longer!

  4. Gorgeous! I am really loving thermals lately!

  5. Gorgeous swatch! I'm not sure that I like it when it is warm, but I love the forest green when it is cool!