Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OPI Tickle My France-y

I love pale neutrals because they give my stubby little fingers the illusion of length, especially after I've filed my nails down to nubbins, and OPI Tickle My France-y is one of my favorites. I like that it's a warm pink, so it fits in well with summer tanned skin (not that I actually tan to a noticeable degree.) Originally from the Fall 2008 La Collection De France it has become part of their core line so it shouldn't be as hard to find as, say, Parlez-Vous OPI?
OPI Tickle My France-y, two coats plus topcoat
This warm pink is a wonderful nude nail so it would be a great choice for a wedding, where you don't want to upstage the rings, or for a vacation, when you don't want to have to worry about obvious chips. Definitely worth adding to your collection!
Label shot for the numbers


  1. Oh I have some of the Parlevouz de OPI left in my bottle and I love this polish so much. Thank god they still sell it in my local OPI retailer store :) This one is super pretty as well ;)

    1. I thought this was was discontinued. maybe not. Parlevouz de OPI was discontinued and when I found that out I went stalking on line and think I stashed 4 bottles of that one!

    2. Had no idea it was discontinued, its constantly in stock here : )) Its truly amazing color , goes with everything :)

    3. I don't think this one has been discontinued — I see it at Target all the time!

  2. Always a fav of mine and many who have been collecting long enough to recall this one. I can toss this on and have it work for everything and also if I know I am going to wear it longer than norm it's not a big deal when I get some tip wear or even a few chips because it's so neutral against my skin tone.