Sunday, August 25, 2013

NOTD: SinfulColors Ablaze

SinfulColors has several new collections out now, fortunately coinciding with the 2/$3 promotion at Walgreens through September, and I spotted this lovely in the Bright Essentials collection. Ablaze is a bright, juicy watermelon shade that is perfect for the end of the summer!
SinfulColors Ablaze, three coats plus topcoat
This formula was not quite a crelly — very shiny and needing three coats to cover, but not having the same sort of transparent shininess that a crelly has. It's sort of a cross between their regular SinfulColors line and the new SinfulShine line. In any case, it's a gorgeous shade and you all should get it while the Walgreens sale is still on!


  1. This is a really gorgeous shade :)

  2. Great shade, I cannot wait to get to the US later this year to scoop up lots of these lovely shades! I shall add it to my list :-)

    1. I'm not sure but some of these are limited edition, so you might want to see if a stateside friend can grab it for you!

  3. so nice and juicy, i love it!