Monday, July 29, 2013

piCture pOlish- Blog Fest 2013!!

**The polishes featured in this post were provided by piCture pOlish**

We are so happy to be a part of piCture pOlish's Blog Fest this year! This year's theme is the "Year of the Blogger". Bloggers from all over the world have been challenged to create our own most amazing nail art manicures ever with piCture pOlish shades. Keep your eyes out for a piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2013 Pinterest board for all of the amazing manicures. Three winners will be chosen to come up with a collaboration shade for piCture pOlish!!

Ok, let's get started. I'm so excited! Here are the colors I used for my mani:

Citrus- A bright orange polish with a crelly finish. Not quite a creme, not quite a jelly. Squishy and shiny!
Marine- A bold teal blue creme with one-coat coverage!
- Hope- Created by Vernis en Folle, a dark blue/green jelly holo (scattered) with a soubtle smattering of cobalt glitter designed to come alive with a little shake of the bottle.

These colors go so well together, I just couldn't settle on one idea! Here's what I came up with:

Each finger has a different look and here are the tools I used to make it happen:

A few different sized dotting tools, a flat tipped clean up brush, metallic microbeads, and striping tape.

Now, let's go through how it was done! 

I started with a skittle mani using all three colors. Seriously, there was no forethought in this order! I used two coats of each color and made sure to top with a quick-drying top coat. The quicker your mani is dry to the touch, the quicker you can start adding your designs!

I started with my pointer finger and decided to add a fun polka dot design. Here's how to get the look:

1. Use a piece of cardboard or plastic as a sort of throw-away artists palette. I usually use a piece of junk mail before I toss it in the recycling bin. Having your dotting tools handy.

2. Use the nail polish brush to drop blobs of each color onto the cardboard. Be sure to use polishes that are sure to give you full opacity in 2 coats!

3. Dip the tip of your dotting tool into the polish blob (we're being very technical here!)

4. Touch the dotting tool to your nail. Perfect dots every time! Using different sized dotting tools with result in (duh) different sized dots.

5. Be sure to work quickly so your polish blob doesn't dry up! If it starts getting tacky, just add more polish to the blob.

6. The new dots on your nail can be thick and looked raised. If this is the case, give your nail a few extra minutes to dry before you add your top coat. You don't want any smears! Once dry, your top coat will help level out the mani so you won't be able to see the raised dots anymore.

On to the next nail! I decided to do a checkerboard/lattice design using striping tape. Striping tape it a great tool to have in your nail art kit. I picked up a bunch of rolls in various colors for CHEAP at my local nail supply store.

1. Pre-cut your striping tape. I prefer to use a plastic place mat and a craft knife to do this. Pre-cutting makes working quickly much easier.

2. Use your pre-cut strips to make a checkerboard design on your nails. Tip- Place all the strips going in the same direction down first, and THEN place the strips that go in the opposite direction. It will make removing the tape later much easier!

3. Work quickly and carefully to apply polish to the desired blocks on your nail. Do your best to stay in the lines! If you slip, you can use a flat-tipped brush to make corrections.

This is one of those designs that doesn't look good until it's done!
4. Apply your last color carefully and quickly to the remaining blocks. It's important to work even quicker this time! You can fix mistakes with the flat brush again.

5. Remove the striping tape carefully. This is the reason you wanted to work quickly in the previous steps. If the polish gets too dry, sometimes the polish will get picked up from the nail along with the tape! Do your best to remove the tape when the polish is still tacky-wet.

Not there just yet!
6. Use your flat-tipped brush dipped in pure acetone to clean up around the edges,
7. Wait at least 5 minutes before applying your top coat. Since Citrus is a crelly, I had to apply it thick in order to get it completely opaque. Don't want any smears again!

Top coat makes everything pretty.
I decided to use these microbeads I picked up at my nail supply store on my ring finger. It was much easier than I thought it'd be!

1. The palette of microbeads has a clear plastic case that swings open. Make sure you're working on a flat surface.

2. Have a top coat (not quick-dry, just regular clear polish), open and ready to go. Find your thinnest tipped dotting tool.

3. Dab a thin coat of top coat to the end of your nail, just a small area at a time. I started with the  cuticle end.

4. While the top coat is still wet, dampen the dotting tool and use it to pick up a single microbead. How should you dampen the dotting tool? I used my tongue :x  I suppose a damp sponge would work too.

5. Place the microbead on your nail and repeat! I worked in rows to create this pattern.

6. Wait a few minutes and apply your clear coat to the entire nail. This will help hold them in place. Keep in mind it will take much longer to dry this way so be careful!

For my pinky, I decided to do a quick color block design using striping tape and scotch tape.

1. Place a piece of scotch tape along either side of your nail. Tip- First, stick the tape to the inside of your arm to remove most of the stickiness. This will stop the tape from picking up your base color when you peel it off!

2. Place pre-cut striping tape strips across your nail to create blocks.

3. Carefully paint each block. Be sure to stay in the lines!

4. Carefully remove the striping tape first, then the scotch tape.

5. Wait a few minutes and then apply your top coat.


I hope you enjoy this mani! I really had a lot of fun creating it. Check out your favorite blogs to see who else is participating in Blog Fest 2013. This has been a top secret project, so I'm not even sure who else is involved! 

Check back on our blog, Facebook, or Twitter to get the link to the piCture pOlish Pinterest Blog Fest 2013 board to vote for your favorite mani. I hope it's mine!! 

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**The polishes featured in this post were provided by piCture pOlish**


  1. love this! not a color combo you would go out of your way to try but you made it work beautifully!!!

  2. Lovely. I was so sad that PP made the voting only 24 hrs...that's not long enough - many folks don't keep their faces in their smart phones - I personally read blogs 3 days at a time in 1 day often...and I get mine now via email so it takes me time to even get the notice - often it's 24 hrs after posting before I even get it in my in box. I think PP needs to seriously reconsider the voting block of time and take into account many are sound asleep across the world when Bloggers they follow post and then have a 12 hr work day - gosh - it's over before it even starts on so many readers connections. The only ones who really get to vote are the ones who are involved in the contest and know it's happening and ya need to hurry and vote! I even am going to write PP a note about this. I thought what a great promo it is for the brand but I feel really big time cheated by it now - I only found out about it yesterday my time like 1600 on 7-31 and it was done by then. PP of all folks being in Australia should know how they would need at least 48 hrs to cover global clock.