Sunday, June 23, 2013

SinfulColors Sail La Vie / Ahoy There! Collection

Again, for some reason I don't understand, SinfulColors has released the same collection under two different names. Walgreens has Sail La Vie and Rite Aid has Ahoy There! but both have the same colors, so don't worry about missing out if you only have one store or the other. The collection has some repromotes — Cross My Heart (red), Snow Me White (white creme), and Out Of This World (white frost) — but a few new colors, too. I didn't get Sail La Vie because it's a dupe for Alfresco, but I did get the other three blues, New Wave, My Buoyfriend, and Into The Blue, as well as Anchors Away, a bright yellow-orange.

New Wave is a great dark denim blue creme that dries a touch darker than it appears in the bottle. The formula leveled beautifully and covered in one coat! I can see myself using this one a lot year-round.
New Wave, one coat plus topcoat
My Buoyfriend is a chameleon — you look at it and swear it's purple, then you shift your hand and it looks royal blue. I would guess that it takes on different hues depending upon what you are wearing, too. This one also leveled beautifully and covered in one coat.
My Buoyfriend, one coat plus topcoat
Into The Blue is a darker crelly version of My Buoyfriend that covered in one coat and dried so shiny it didn't need a topcoat. I think these new ones are very similar to the SinfulShine polishes!
Into The Blue, one coat, no topcoat
I already gave you a taste of Anchors Away in my yellow comparisons but here it is on its own. This yellow-orange is the color of the cheese powder in instant mac & cheese bowls. Unlike the blues, this one required two coats to cover but it leveled just as well. I can't see myself wearing it on its own but it would be a great accent color.
Anchors Away, two coats plus topcoat


  1. My Buoyfriend is such pretty blue purple! I'd try layering Fantasy Fire over it!

  2. Oh wow, Into the blue is so gorgeous!! And a one coater! I love one coaters :D

    1. So do I. I was surprised that so many from this collection were one coaters!