Saturday, May 4, 2013

SpaRitual Meditate Collection

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review.
All opinions are my own.**

(Picture heavy post, so settle in and enjoy!)

I'l start out with the attributes that apply to the entire collection, then make individual comments on each polish where they apply. These polishes from the Meditate Collection were the first SpaRitual polishes I've used and I really like the shape of the bottles and the rubberized, easy to hold caps. The brush is long and narrow and flares out well, so application is a breeze. This entire collection was very sheer, so most needed three coats to cover and, even then, some still had visible nail line. Since this is a very delicate collection, I'm not sure I'd consider that to be a draw-back, though. The colors are gorgeous! The collection is 5-free and, as SpaRitual says, is "infused with Ecocert-certified bamboo for up to 35% stronger nails."

I'll start off with my favorite, Calm & Clear, a lovely pale cool pink jelly. Three coats left some VNL, but it was barely visible in person. I can see this being wonderful in a jelly sandwich with some fairy dust kind of glitters.

Calm & Clear, three coats

Of course I loved the green, Introspective! There was a gold shimmer in the bottle that, unfortunately, did not translate as well on the nail. In the right light and right under your nose you might see it, but it's very subtle. Love the warm, not-quite-minty green!

Introspective, three coats
Bottle shimmer

Energy is a pale, bright pastel blue that, alas, gave me a bad case of lobster hands. I love these colors, but they don't love me back! This was almost a crelly finish, but slightly more opaque.

Energy, three coats

Quietness is the most creme-like of the collection, only needing two coats to cover. I think I'd describe it as an almond color that would make a great nude nail color on some people, although it's a bit too yellow for my skin tone. Great finish!

Quietness, two coats
The last two are interesting because they are matte finishes and they have shimmer/glitters in them! I can totally see these being in the running for a wedding mani, Anna!

Applying Transcend was fascinating because it was somewhat thicker than the other colors and the way the glitters caught the light, it was as if I were brushing latte foam on my nails. It really made me want to take a coffee break during swatching! It dries matte but the tiny, tiny glitters catch the light and give your nails a subtle glow. I've never seen a polish quite like this! The application was a bit streaky and left a few bald spots that weren't terribly obvious, so if that bothers you a third coat should fix that.

Transcend, two coats
Bottle shimmer
If this were a wedding collection, Peace & Harmony would definitely be the bride. Also a matte, this one has glass flecks instead of glitter creating the shimmer so the overall effect is like a sheer chiffon. Even though it's in no way a pearlized finish, it does give a pearl effect that is stunning. Again, this formula was a bit streaky, but careful application and/or a third coat should solve that.
Peace & Harmony, two coats
Bottle shimmer
Pros: The bottle shape and rubberized cap are easy to hold and use and the brush easily applies the color. The colors are so beautiful and delicate!

Cons: The mattes were a bit streaky and didn't level well so you really need to do a careful application with those. Also, the tiny gold glitter in Transcend really clings to the skin so you need to be careful when you remove it — I had to use a sugar scrub afterward and still some glitters stubbornly refused to go away.

Overall: A great release for spring/summer and I think the colors and finishes will see this collection in a lot of wedding parties this year!

SpaRitual polishes can be purchased at the Pharmaca website and Sephora stores and website.

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review.
All opinions are my own.**