Monday, May 20, 2013

SinfulShine Comparisons

Today I'm showing you the SinfulShine colors that are not dupes for other colors, either SinfulColors or some other brand, but may be similar enough so that you can get an idea if you need both or not. (Obviously, I did!) Of all the ones I got, only Alfresco had nothing really close, which surprised me because cornflower blue is one of my favorites!

SinfulShine Alfresco vs SinfulColors Candy Coated — the only reason I compared these two was because they both have little glass flecks in them. Same sort of finish but totally different colors. Alfresco is a gorgeous cornflower blue and I can't believe I have nothing similar in all of my many blues — and no lobster hands!
Two coats each, no top coat
SinfulShine Rendezvous vs SinfulColors Open Seas and Greek Isles — we had a request to compare Rendezvous with Be Happy and Open Seas, but I didn't get Be Happy when the Adventure Island Collection came out because it was too close to Greek Isles, which I did get, so this should do well enough. Greek Isles is the same hue but much darker, while Open Seas is a similar tone but much greener. In the bottle, Greek Isles was very close to Rendezvous but it dries a bit darker.
Two coats, no top coat
SinfulShine At Sea vs SinfulColors Greek Isles and SavageAt Sea is bluer than Rendezvous but it's the same tone as Greek Isles, which is just a bit greener. Savage is a similar hue, but much darker (it also stained, unfortunately.) Savage dries matte, so I added a coat of Seche Vite for the shine for a fair comparison. That is the only polish where I added a top coat in all the SinfulShine comparisons! However, At Sea is a total dupe for Sweet Nothing! It's also extremely close to OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, only not quite as bright.
Two coats, top coat only on Savage
SinfulShine Rebel vs SinfulColors Nirvana and Matte Nirvana — by now this mushroomy taupe has become a staple in just about everyone's nail polish wardrobe so it's not surprising to see another incarnation of it here. I'd say Rebel falls somewhere between Nirvana and Matte Nirvana.
Two coats, no top coat
Again, the difference in the shine between the SinfulShine colors and the regular SinfulColors polishes was barely perceptible and if you use a quick dry top coat, as I always do, you're paying an extra dollar for no real reason. I'd say that if you missed out on any of the LE colors that are duped in this collection, now you have a chance to get it, but if it's one of the core collection (Mardi Gras = Hazard, Tan Lines = Vacation Time, etc.) I'd save my money and get the core one, especially since the SinfulShines are a Walgreens exclusive and Walgreens often has SinfulColors on sale for 99¢!


  1. Thanks for the comp! Very interesting. I can totally believe that they aren't any shinier but I was still hoping that they would be awesome and magical or something.

    1. There is the possibility that they wear better than the regular SinfulColors polishes, but since I tend to change my polish every other day or so I can't really say. I did wear Tan Lines for three days and it still looked great, though!