Friday, May 17, 2013

Aphrodite True Love & Heartbreak Collection

***This polish was sent to me for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.***

Happy Friday! Today, I have a couple polishes from one of my favorite indie labels, Aphrodite Lacquers!  I've had a long standing love affair with Rebecca from Aphrodite and these two polishes only solidified it.  Here is a little about the collection from Rebecca:  There are 9 colors total: 6 heartbreak colors (the jelly sandwiches in a bottle), and 3 true love colors (the sparkly glittery topcoats). They aren’t necessarily meant to be worn together. I wanted to do 2 different summer looks that I love. First, I love jelly sandwiches in the summer, they look fresh and juicy and the sunshine really gives jelly sandwiches depth. Second, I love a good glitter topcoat in the summer, they look so sparkly and blingy and the sunshine really brings the metallic glitters to life.

First up, I have Happily Ever After, one of the glitter toppers.  Basically, these are my favorite colors in a bottle with that amazing Aphrodite shimmer.  It can't get any better.  Rebecca describes it as:  blue and aqua shimmer, with various holo and metallic glitters ranging from purple to blue to teal.  I layered one coat over Zoya Kiki and sealed with a coat of Out The Door.  So gorgeous.  

Love is Lost is a jelly sandwich polish and described as:  blueish violet jelly with various sizes and shapes of matte white glitters/ silver holo glitters/ blueish-purple iridescent glitters.  This baby is packed full of glitter.  I used two coats and would have liked to use three to really saturate the blueish violet color but there was just too much glitter!  It still looks amazing and super juicy.  I love the blueish purple iridescent glitters so much.  

What do you think of my picks from the True Love & Heartbreak Collection??  I think they are beyond gorgeous and I know I will be reaching for Happily Ever After all summer for some sparkly bling.

Aphrodite Lacquer can be purchased on Etsy for $8 for a full size bottle.  Rebecca is on vacation right now, so bookmark your pics and get them when she gets back!  Check their Facebook page for details and restocking updates. 

*This polish was sent to me for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.***


  1. I like them both but I think the first one, Happily Ever After, is my favorite. That pink and blue go amazingly well together.

  2. These are so pretty! Happily Ever After probably looks amazing over black!

    1. It's shown over black in the Aphrodite Etsy store. If you look in sales, you can see it. I would link but I'm on my phone. I can't wait to do it myself!