Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lilac comparisons

Remember last year when Pantone said that tangerine was the color of the year but I said it was green? Well, this year Pantone says the color of the year is emerald, but I'm saying that it's lilac. If next year Pantone says the color of the year is lilac/purple, then I think I should go work for Pantone (or else maybe it's proof that they follow this blog?) So why am I calling lilac the color of the year? Let's take a look...

Recently I reviewed the SinfulColors Sugar Rush collection and noted that Candy Coated was very similar to OPI You're Such A BudaPest! Not too long after I reviewed BB Couture Bunny Boo Boo and noticed how very familiar it looked. This called for a comparison!
L-R: Bunny Boo Boo, You're Such A BudaPest!, Candy Coated
With a single coat, the differences are obvious; Bunny Boo Boo is pretty much a one-coater, while Candy Coated is showing a bald spot and You're Such A BudaPest! is substantially thinner than either of the others.
With a second coat, You're Such A BudaPest! is still showing some bald spots but the colors are much closer. In the photo, Bunny Boo Boo looks a bit more purple but in person they were all practically dead-on. I think maybe because it was more opaque than the other two it was bouncing light back to the camera differently?
I added a third coat only to You're Such A BudaPest! to get the same level of coverage as the other two and, again, in person it was really, really close.
Extremely similar, yet still so different. Bunny Boo Boo has shimmers in the bottle but they don't transfer to the nail; however, it could easily be a one-coater. You're Such A BudaPest! is the most delicate-looking of the three, requiring three coats to cover, but it also had the most shimmer of them all and the result was the most beautiful, IMHO. Candy Coated has shimmers, but not nearly as plentiful as those in You're Such A BudaPest! but at $1.99 it was the cheapest of the three and also the easiest to find, being sold at Walgreens and Rite Aid. (It's a LE, though, so get it while you can!) I no longer have the polish to compare with these, but Zoya Julie from the Lovely collection was also a similar delicate shade of lilac.

So, no matter how much Pantone might try to push emerald as the 2013 color of the year, I think it's pretty clear that all the polish companies are saying that it's really lilac. I know I am!

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