Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sation- Candylandia Part Three

Today I have the last part of our three-part review of the new Sation collection, Candylandia. This collection consists of 12 bright bright colors to bring you into Spring. You can check back on parts one and two here and here. The entire collection can be viewed and purchased directly from the Miss Professional Nail website.

As many of you know, we Polished Cousins are kind of in love with Sation. And as usual, this collection has not disappointed at all. This is AbbacaDazzle. The name is silly and fun just like this bright cheery sunflower yellow jelly. So shiny! I used three coats for the swatches below with one coat of HK Girl topcoat. You can see quite a bit of VNL (visible nail line)  but that sort of goes with the territory when you're working with a jelly polish. 

I know that not everyone loves a jelly or a mani with VNL like I do, so I decided to show you some other ways you can layer AbbacaDazzle. I know the jelly sandwich possibilities are endless, but sometimes we forget that jellies can transform cremes as well!

L-R- Sation Rock A Guy Blue, Sation Plenty of Frogs, Sation Magic Mani Bus, OPI Sweetheart, Milani White on the Spot, OPI Pink Friday

Each of the polishes above with one coat of AbbacaDazzle layered on top

See? You can pretty much come up with an endless amount of ways to wear the polishes you already own by just layering them together.

I was working on my swatches while I was home sick. You know how I know I was really sick? In the middle of working with my Sation polishes, I decided to chop my nails off down to nubbins. I really hate to change the look of my nails in the middle of the collection but I had a fever and was clearly out of my mind!

Here is Plenty of Frogs, a toad-ally awesome green with a kiss of silver glitter. I seriously didn't even notice the glitter in the bottle but WOW does it show up on your nail!! This is an amazing green and the sparkly silver glitter just kicks it up a notch and I'm totally in love with it. I used two easy coats for the swatches below with HK Girl topcoat.

Pros- AbbacaDazzle had a perfect jelly formula with NO staining at all. That definitely doesn't always happen with bright yellows like this. 
Cons- Plenty of Frogs is a bright green with tons of pigment so make sure you're being extra careful during removal. If you move the cotton ball (or whatever you use to remove polish!) around too much, you might end up with some stained skin around your nail. Instead, I find that soaking a cotton ball in acetone and holding it on the nail for about 10 seconds and then pulling it straight off reduces the risk of getting green on your skin.
Overall- I love Sation. We all do. The bottle, the brush, the colors, the collections. They are all amazing and you need them all! Stop by your local salon and ask them when they are going to start carrying Sation polishes. The more we buzz about them, the easier they will be to get!

To keep up with the new Sation collections online you can Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or purchase directly from their website or Transdesign. They are also now available at some Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Winners (Canada) stores.

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**


  1. Oh my God, the cremes transformed are so gorgeous!! I've never tried that! I should get more jellies!

    1. Yes you should! Sation has some great ones to choose from!

  2. OH GEEZ THAT YELLOW!!!! OMG I want it even more now. lol

  3. Abbacadazzle is great, it's not an obvious colour, a hint of green in the yellow :)