Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ludurana Reluz

Ludurana is a Brazilian polish brand now becoming available in the USA and Anna and I will be showing you two of their multichrome polishes, starting with Reluz, a blue-purple shifting color. I like their long pointy bottle — it makes me think of elves, for some reason.

I know these types of polishes typically show better over a base of black but I wanted to see how it would look on its own as well, so I applied three coats of Reluz alone on my middle and pinkie fingers, and two coats over a single coat of SinfulColors Black on Black on my pointer and ring fingers. Unless you looked very closely there wasn't a dramatic difference, but up close, while the ones with the black underwear had a more striking shimmer, the ones on its own had a different, watery quality. By "watery" I don't mean watered down by any means, but more an Ophelia-like otherworldly appearance, as if you are looking down into a deep, dark forest pool.
Reluz alone on middle & pinkie, over black on pointer & ring finger.
Since I don't think we are ever going to see the sun again here in New England, in order to show the color shifts I had to take some shots under my kitchen counter lights, which seem to be the only ones in the house that will light these kinds of polish to show off the color shifts. Here you can see the purple-to-gold range of the multichrome.
My kitchen lights seem to show off the purple color shift better.
After reading Nailderella's post on stamping with multichrome polishes, I thought I would give it a try. She used another Ludurana multichrome so her effect was different, but it was still an interesting experiment! I used a Target exclusive Revlon color, First Class, as my base and the gear pattern from the Cheeky stamping plate #CH33 because it had a lot of thicker areas to hold the polish.
I used the gear pattern on Cheeky plate CH33 stamped over Revlon First Class.
Under my usual Ott light setup you can barely make out a shimmery pattern but, again, the kitchen lighting shows it off a lot better. It's very subtle, sort of like a woven damask patterned fabric. I'll bet it looks amazing in the sunlight.
Subtle, but it's there!
Pros: this has a great formula and it's a more heavily pigmented multichrome than others I have, so it can be used alone with three coats to cover. It also means you can use it for stamping!

Cons: the bottle is only 8 ml, versus the typical 14–15 ml size, so you're getting less polish, but since you usually use one layer over another color it should still last you quite a while. Also, the blue-purple-gold color shift isn't terribly original or unique, but there's no getting around that it's still a stunner of a color.

Overall: if you like color-shifting polishes you should definitely check the line out. They have some really beautiful multichrome and holographic polishes!

Ludurana polishes can be purchased online at Llarowe.

**This polish was provided to me for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own**

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