Friday, March 29, 2013

Ludurana- Admiravel

Guess what today is? My birthday! Not just any birthday, it's my Golden Birthday! Today is March 29th and it's my 29th birthday. Here is my confession, this polish is NOT my birthday mani. I still haven't figured out what to wear! I'm writing this post on the 28th and going over my stash in my brain and I still can't think of anything. Maybe I'll reorganize my stash tonight and come up with something fun.

On to the polish!

Today I have a gorgeous multichrome polish to show you from Ludurana, Admiravel. I was so excited when I received this for review because while I have a few other Ludurana polishes, they are all flakies and I love them! I had seen the multichromes on Llarowe before but just hadn't ordered any yet. In case you're not familiar, Ludurana is a Brazilian brand of polish and not available here in the states. If you want to purchase any, you've gotta go through a US retailer (like Llarowe) or make some friends in Brazil! Robin reviewed another Ludurana multichrome, Reluz, earlier this month.

In the bottle, there's a whole lot of color shifting going on
On my nails, I didn't get quite the same effect. Llarowe describes Admiravel as multichrome that shifts from purple to green to blue to khaki. I used black undies for this mani but I really don't think I needed to. When Robin reviewed Reluz, she saw that there wasn't much of a difference between the polish whether it had undies or not. These photos show two coats of Admiravel over one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black (my favorite one-coat black creme). 

I put this mani on in the morning before work. I wanted to have the whole day to see it under different lights to give the polish the chance to show me every color it has to offer. Unfortunately, I pretty much only saw green. A beautiful, bright, shimmering, bold, gorgeous green, but no purple, blue, or khaki to be found. Sad :(

It just glows! So pretty

As I was moving my hand around in different positions in my light box and taking photos I discovered something new! What's this? Colors that aren't green! Almost a tarnished gold color. Lots of purple shimmers. Way more going on than anything I had seen all day.

Look at the purple shimmers!
I even managed to get a picture with ALL of the colors. No blue though.

Pros- Love the gorgeous bright green sparkly finish!

Cons- Kinda bummed that I had no idea about the color shifts until I got my hands in a light box.

Overall- Ludurana has a ton of multichrome, holo and flakie polishes available. A little something for everyone. I can't wait to get my hands on more!

You can purchase Ludurana polishes from Llarowe's website. Keep up with restocks by liking them on Facebook!


  1. Happy golden birthday, how fun! This is a stunning polish!

  2. Happy Birthday!! This polish looks great :)