Friday, March 15, 2013

Jade Supernova

** This polish was provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

Jade is a Brazilian nail polish company that makes some amazing holographic and duochrome polishes. Supernova is a glass-flecked yellow-gold duochrome that can be worn alone or layered over other colors. Because the difference between yellow and gold is so subtle, the color shift seems more like a highlight than an actual color shift, but I think that's the magic of this polish. It seems to make it actually glow, and by that I mean it's as if you've got flaming fingers. It glows the way a Rembrandt painting glows and I only wish this was a more flattering color on me because the effect is eye-catching. You almost think your fingertips will leave light trails if you wave your hands around,
Three coats of Jade Supernova.
The sheerness of the polish lets you layer it over other colors for different effects. I put one coat over a single coat of Revlon Ignite on my pointer and ring fingers and a single coat of SinfulColors Black on Black on my middle and pinkie fingers, but I think it would be equally as effective over different shades of green and brown.
One coat over Revlon Ignite and Sinful Colors Black on Black.
Over black it's a dramatic evening look, like sequins over satin, but over red — especially a red foil such as Ignite — it's like molten lava! As I moved my hand around the yellow and gold pigments sparkled and the foil finish underneath shimmered as if it were alive. Personally, that's how I would always wear this polish, it's so amazing.

Pros: easy formula, easy application, easy cleanup. Astonishing effect when layered over red!

Cons: only that it's not the best color on me, which is totally not a fault of the polish!

Overall: if you're looking for a layering polish to liven up some of the solid colors in your collection, this is definitely one to get!

Jade polishes can be found on the Llarowe website and this is currently on sale for USD$5! To find out more about them, follow Llarowe on Facebook and Twitter.

** This polish was provided for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**