Thursday, March 7, 2013

Body by Mersado by Beyond Beauty Lounge

I have to start this post off with some bad news. The amazing products I'm about to show you are currently SOLD OUT and you can't buy them!

But I have some good news too! The shop is restocking on Friday, March 15th so tell Siri to remind you or add it to your Google calendar or something (that's what Android phones have, right? I know nothing about anything that's not on my iPhone).

Body by Mersado is a line of natural hand, nail, and cuticle care products brought to you by the blogger behind Beyond Beauty Lounge, Mercedes. I can't say enough wonderful things about this girl! She's become my own personal beauty and shopping guru. She knows everything there is to know about beauty products and she always has the scoop on the latest sales. She showed me the way to Ebates where I shop online and earn cash back on my purchases. I started using it late last year and earned over $60 just from holiday shopping alone.

Since I already trust Mercedes to show me the way when it comes to beauty products, I was so excited to hear she was selling her own line of products and I jumped on the opportunity to review a couple.

First up is the Nail Growth Serum ($6.95)- a custom blend of essential oils including lavender and lemon oil and carrier oils including sweet almond oil, safflower oil, and vitamin E to bring you a serum to stimulate nail growth.

This serum comes in a brown glass 5oz. nail polish bottle with a cute zebra printed rhinestone on the cap. You simply apply it to your nails and cuticles using the brush and rub it in. The oil absorbs quickly and rubbing it in stimulates circulation which keeps your nails and cuticles happy. It’s got a soft lemony lavender scent that is not too strong for my sensitive nose.

I’ve been using the serum nightly and to moisturize my cuticles between swatching sessions for the past 6 weeks and look how much I have left in my bottle.

I love the easy brush applicator

I saved the best for last. Body by Mercado Whipped Cuticle Butter is a MUST HAVE. Seriously, you need it. It smells like yummy lemons and has the consistency of whipped icing.

Say bye bye to dry, rough cuticles. This ultra rich cuticle butter nourishes and softens cuticles. Semi-solid in form it melts with body heat for easy absorption. You only need a dime size amount for both hands. Take about a dime size amount and rub into each cuticle and then rub excess into your hands to keep them soft and moisturized. Contains a blend of Mango butter, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Lemon Oil and Fragrance.

I think I have to disagree with my beauty guru, Mercedes, here. Dime sized amount? She’s nuts. I’ve been using this cuticle butter 3+ times a day for 6 weeks and look how much of a dent I’ve made in my jar.

Oh does that still look full? Let's try another angle
I guess you can see a little dip in the middle there ;)

See? Hardly any is gone at all. I feel like this is a lifetime supply of my dream cuticle butter and it only costs $6 for 2oz. Here’s how much you really need.

Dab a bit on each nail and rub rub rub. There will be extra. Rub it on your knuckles or elbows or knees or toes or where ever you need it. I’ve been rubbing the extra on my knuckles and this is the first winter since I can remember where I have not dealt with dry, cracked, bleeding hands. Like I said, MUST HAVE.

Dab it on

Rub it in!
When you order the Cuticle Butter (because you're totally going to order it), the container yours will come in will not look like the container pictured above. The container below is what yours will look like. 

And because I know someone is bound to ask, I'm wearing Ninja Polish Divinity in the pictures above :)

Pros- Have any of you used LUSH Lemony Flutter before? Me too. I've always thought it smelled like lemons and Play Doh. I pretended to be ok with that because it was moisturizing. I've found my replacements. My cuticles and nails are happy and so is my nose. Soft, light, natural fragrances with no Play Doh. And way cheaper.

Cons- I wasn't a fan of the tin my cuticle butter came in, that's why I pointed out that your product will look different. Mercedes knew the tins weren't up to par so she switched over to the good stuff for you! The cuticle butter is also on the greasy side. That's why I encourage you to use less than recommended. It absorbs much quicker that way.

Overall- I've been using both of these products for weeks now and I completely credit them with my happy moisturized hands (crack free!) and cuticles

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**The products featured in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own**