Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Priti NYC: Pearlwort

The sun is shining! I haven't seen the sun in weeks! But it's only a few degrees above freezing so I don't have much hope of all the snow melting before the next snowstorm predicted for the coming weekend. I need some nail polish to cheer me up...

Erin and Anna have already reviewed Guinea Rose and Silver Torch and Envy but they know how much I love greens! So when Priti NYC sent us polishes to review they sent me Pearlwort from their Apres Ski collection for Spring 2013, which looked to be your basic military green in the bottle. What a pleasant surprise I had when I applied it and saw that it was so much more than that! The base is a sort of grayed out dark khaki green crelly (creme + jelly), packed solid with tiny sooty particles, similar to KOH Playful and Orly Faint of Heart, but with several different shades of particles. You can't really see it unless you hold your hand up to your face, but it really adds that extra dimension to the color. I hope my photos can get the impression across (nyuck, nyuck. see what I did there?), even though it does just look like a regular creme finish at arm's length.
Priti NYC Pearlwort
All the different colored particles are like a Pointillist painting!
The formula was great, but it took me a while to get the hang of the brush because it's longer than the brushes I'm used to. Once I learned how much pressure to apply to flare it out, I was fine and I really liked it! I used two coats in these photos and they make it look as if I should have used three, but trust me when I say it looks totally opaque on my nails with two.

I find it amusing that I have so many military green polishes when I am the only civilian in my immediate family, so for fun I thought I'd add a military gold accent by painting on half-moons in OPI OY — Another Polish Joke! from their new Euro Centrale collection. Epaulets!
Half-moons of OPI OY — Another Polish Joke!

Pros: I love the color! I especially like how the color is built up from the tiny specks of color in the crelly case — it gives it that amazing dimension without adding texture. (I'm not a fan of texture...)

Cons: the brush took some getting used to so my application was spotty at first, but the second coat forgave all sins.

Overall: this is a great line of polish, with some really lovely colors and finishes.

Priti NYC polish retails for $13.50 a bottle and can be purchased directly from their website. Keep up with the latest collections and sales by liking Priti NYC on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**


  1. I love this polish! Gorgeous swatches!

  2. That polish looks gorgeous!!!! I might have to break down and try this brand. I love military greens!

    1. So do I! I have lots of military greens but none like this one.