Monday, February 18, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Part 1

Happy Monday everyone!  I have three new polishes from the awesome indie brand, I Love Nail Polish for you today.  The formula on all these was great, easy one coat of glitter with minimal glitter placement or dabbing.  I did top coat all my swatches (old habits are hard to break!) but I could have easily gone without any.  That's just how shiny they are.  Let's get to it, this is a pic heavy post!

First up Cheshire Blues.  This polish is described as:   a heart stopping combination of purple, fuchsia, and light teal glitters punctuated with just the right amount of tiny pink hearts! Did we mention it has pink hearts? It has pink hearts.  If you’re in the market for uncontrollable cuteness on your fingertips – Cheshire Blues is the polish for you! I mean it! Seriously… you’re already 10 times cuter for considering it. Imagine what will happen when you wear it!  I'm not a fan of heart glitter but they are right, that it is just the right amount.  I easily got one heart on each nail with no fishing.  I did swirl my brush a little to place them how I wanted them.  One coat of Cheshire Blues over Sation Paint Some Sugar On Me.  Check our Facebook page for a picture of Anna's Valentine's Day mani.  She wore this an accent nail and it was adorable!

Next up, No Place Like Rome.  This polish is described as:  an extravagant collection of differently sized red circle and square glitters along with a dash of micro reds to provide the perfect balance.  Put your ruby slippers on and be sure to complement those beautiful digits of yours with a phenomenally gorgeous red glitter topper.   No Place Like Rome looks good over any complementing color, but, it looks practically illegal when applied over dark shades – especially shades of black!  We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!  I am slightly obsessed with purple and red together and so I decided to layer NPLR over Pomegranate Lacquer Prince Charmer.  I love the sweet lavender with the edgy red glitter.  

How great is the packaging that these polishes come in?  

I always save my favorite for last so here it is, Truffle Shuffle.  This polish is described as:  When a girl wants chocolate, you give it to her!  Get your fix and calm your nerves with this stunningly gorgeous chocolate glitter nail polish. Truffle Shuffle sports a variety of pink and red glitter accents nestled in a beautiful assortment of deliciously chocolate glitter.  Truffle Shuffle was inspired by the second greatest thing on earth, chocolate!! The first would be nail polish, of course!  I couldn't resist an accent nail with this awesome glitter so I layered it over my favorite gray to show the awesome brown glitter, OPI Berlin There, Done That and an accent nail of Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe.  I LOVE this look!

Love love love love love love!!!!

So what do you think??  What are you favorites?  Anna will be back with three more I Love Nail Polish polishes really soon so keep reading!

I Love Nail Polish is available on Etsy for $10.00 for a full size bottle.  Make sure to like the Facebook page for news, specials and updates!

***This polish was sent to me for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.***

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