Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Hey Jude is from Enchanted Polish's Imagine Collection, where all the colors are named after Beatles songs. This one is a multichrome holographic polish that is predominantly green, but shifts to teal and purple in the right light. I'm showing photos shot in different lights to try to get across the color changes but they don't really do it justice. Picture the carapace of a Japanese beetle in full sunlight and you will begin to get the idea of how amazing this polish is. (I love their new bottles with the fairy tale castle on the label!)
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude under an Ott light.
Sunlight shows off the holographic particles more than the multichrome.
In shade you get a bit more of the color shift.
More color shift in shade.
Multichrome holos!!!

Hey Jude is thin, as most multi-chrome polishes are, but very heavily pigmented so you can use it on its own or layered over another color. In my photos I have three coats alone on my middle and pinkie fingers and one coat over one coat of SinfulColors Black on Black on my pointer and ring fingers. I do think that layering it over black or a dark green like SinfulColors Last Chance sets off the multichrome features better than when used alone, but even by itself you get a gorgeous limpid green with rainbow sparkles, like sunlight dancing on top of a hidden pool in a secret glade. Hey Jude is certainly one enchanted polish!

Enchanted Polishes tend to sell out fast when they are restocked online, so you have to act quickly. You can purchase it from Llarowe, Etsy, Mei Mei's Signatures, or Harlow & Co. Sign up to be emailed when the sites restock! You can also keep up with new collections on Facebook or their website.

**This polish was provided to me for an unbiased review.  All opinions are my own.**


  1. This is so gorgeous!! I need all the green polishes in the world *___*

    1. So do I! And this one is INSANELY beautiful!

  2. This polish is soooo pretty!! If I only get one from this brand it is going to have to be this one! Of course I will probably end up needing way more than just one lol