Tuesday, February 19, 2013

China Glaze Avant Garden

Today I'm showing you two cremes and a shimmer from the new Avant Garden collection, which features six cremes and six shimmers. Anna will be reviewing three more from the collection later on. Let me tell you, after suffering through five days of no heat or electricity after the Nemo blizzard, only to have yet another snow storm the very next weekend, I am so in need of at least a hint of springtime that these lovely pastels provide! Seriously — the inside of the refrigerator was warmer than the kitchen after only a single day of 20°F and no heat, so you can only imagine how it felt after five days! Warmer weather cannot come too soon for me! And flowers. Lots of flowers.

First I tried Tart-y For The Party, because it's lilac and my favorite of the group. Loved this color! The formula? Not so much. It was very thin and watery and really flooded the cuticle and some nails required a third coat to cover the bald spots. But the color is to die for. One of my favorites!

Tart-y For The Party

Next I tried the other creme, Fade Into Hue, a clean periwinkle blue. Of the three, this one had the best formula, needing only two coats for coverage, no application issues, and one of my all-time favorite colors. Gor-geous.
Fade Into Hue

Finally, here's one of the shimmers, Pink-ie Promise (cute name!) As you can see in the photo, this one also flooded the cuticle, although it was not quite as watery as Tart-y For The Party and only needed two coats to cover. The shimmer was quite noticeable in the bottle but you really have to look for it on the nails and in the right light for it to show up. This one dried to a semi-gloss, satiny finish so that may have had something to do with the shimmers being so elusive.
Pink-ie Promise
Bottle shimmer

Pros: the colors are really lovely and, while not terribly unique, they are not exactly like any of the many other pastels in my collection. I particularly liked the pink shimmer in the pink polish and I'm going to try it with different top coats to see if I can draw the shimmer out a bit more.

Cons: the watery formula. I recommend trying it on one nail first so you can gauge how much polish to put on the brush to avoid flooding. Better to try for really thin coats and spend less time cleaning up.

Overall: a nice collection, with a good selection of brights and pastels, cremes and shimmers. The formula on some is iffy, but not unmanageable, and the colors are absolutely lovely.

You can keep up with new China Glaze collections by checking their website or by following them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**


  1. Just picked up the lilac one yesterday. I knew I should have grabbed that periwinkle color too! Darn it. They're all lovely.

    1. The lilac and periwinkles were my favorites, too.