Monday, February 4, 2013

A whole year! OPI DS Classic Revisited

Today is our one-year blogiversary! All three of us have had a lot of fun sharing our discoveries with you over the past year and we each found our own favorites (who knew I'd become such a huge fan of blues and greens?)

I thought about writing a post of my favorite polishes over the past year, but that would be pages long. Then I decided to revisit the polish that started it all, OPI DS Classic, the very first holographic nail polish I'd ever seen and the subject of post #1. I couldn't stop looking at my nails and I think I wore it for an entire week! I can't imagine wearing the same color for that long these days.
OPI DS Classic, my first fancy polish!
DS Classic is still a great polish, and you can see that the cap is showing the wear from how much I still like it. The color is terrific and the holos still dazzle. Only now I want to experiment with it and maybe layer some stamping over it. Talk about gilding the lily!

Speaking only for myself, I can't believe how much I've learned over the past year, thanks to sharing information with my cousins and reading other nail blogger's tips and tricks. I look at my early posts and cringe because I didn't know how to shape my nails (always shape them with polish on so you're not influenced by the line of your nail bed), I didn't know how to clean up the polish with a brush and acetone (I actually used to wait until the next morning and scrub at my cuticles with a soapy washcloth!), and I had no idea how to apply polish to get a smooth finish. I think I may have even dabbed it on! I didn't know about quick dry top coats, so doing my nails took well over an hour, and I couldn't even imagine wearing such odd colors as blue or green. I still hadn't found the perfect pose to show my fingers and polish at the most flattering angle, the best lighting to feature the polish, the right camera settings. It has been a fun year of learning and exploring.

I still want to slap myself every time I recall that just a few months before we started this blog, I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet and got rid of all my old polishes because I hadn't worn them in a long time — including three vintage Chanel reds from the '80s!!! I didn't know about Restore, but I don't think they even needed restoring, I just thought that red polish was "so '80s" and never thought I'd wear them again. I was an idiot.

So, just to compare, here is the photo from our very first blog post (not counting the shot of the cuticle remover...) I kind of like the depth of field, so maybe I will try using my DSLR again in the morning window light.
Look at my stubby little nails!
Thanks you for being with us this past year and stay tuned for even more great polishes!


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  2. This blog is impressive. Congratulations on one year and your fantastic advances in nail skills!

    1. Thanks! And there's still room for improvement, so that means more fun ahead!

  3. I really enjoy reading this blog, and love that the three of you do it together. Happy Anniversary

    1. Thanks! We do have fun with it and are already planning our next few weeks of posts.