Thursday, February 28, 2013

Zoya PixieDust, Part 1

We were all so excited to check out Zoya's PixieDust Collection that we decided to split them up between us! I will be showing you Vespa, the soft green shade, and Dahlia, the black one (heh, Black Dahlia? I get it...) I'll have to admit that I was surprised at how much I like them because I'm not particularly fond of texture — you may have noticed how excited I get at glossy, shiny finishes. As sparkly and glittery as they appear, I hesitate to call them glitter polishes because they are so radically different. They're like sugar-coated bonbons! As I was applying the polish, I could feel the grittiness when I pulled the brush against the neck of the bottle to brush off the excess and I expected the end result to be similar to an emery board, but it's not; once it dries it actually feels more like suede. I did have to use a buffing sponge on the tips, however, because I was afraid that the texture would start to grab at fabrics. Ha. Imaging going in and deliberately adding tip wear!

For the application, Zoya says Do not use a base coat or top coat. Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish. Allow product to dry down completely matte in between layers for full textured effect. The PixieDust textured formula may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely matte. Once dry, the textured finish is long lasting, matte and ultra-glittery!
Zoya Vespa
Let's start off with Vespa, a gorgeous pastel green that is so sparkly my camera can't capture it! See the white specks in the bottle in the photo? Picture them on my nails and then picture them blinking on and off. It's the same refraction of light you get with a new powdery snowfall. This is so gorgeous!
Zoya Dahlia, with an accent nail of Zoya Storm.
In the bottle, Dahlia looks an awful lot like Storm, so I decided to use Storm as an accent nail. Possibly because it's so dark, the sparkles are less apparent in the photo than Vespa's were, but trust me when I say that it is equally as glistening. The rainbow of spots in the photo give an indication of the spectrum of color you see as it catches the light. This is a very dramatic polish!

Because of past issues with removal of textured polishes, I had geared myself up for an annoying session of foiling and scrubbing but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get off. I tried my usual method of unrolling a cotton ball, pulling it into fingernail-sized pieces, soaking them in polish remover, and letting them sit on the nail for a minute or two. I didn't bother to wrap foil around the cotton because I wanted to see how this might work first. It worked! The polish just slid right off! I did have to go in with another cotton ball to wipe the random remaining glitter, but I'd say it was even easier to remove than some of the stainy creme polishes I've used. Whew!

Pros: the colors are gorgeous and the texture is surprisingly soft, while still having that insane sparkle. I wish my camera could have captured it because it was like the way cartoons have the hero's teeth sparkle, with a bright star growing out of the shine. People will think you are odd because you won't be able to resist flexing your hands in the light to look at it.

Cons: it took some getting used to in applying it because I usually drop a sizable amount of polish on the nail and use the brush to guide it into place, then let it level out. This doesn't level so you have to drag it across your nail. It took three thin coats for coverage and Zoya recommends letting it dry to matte between each coat, so it also took longer than I'm used to. But the results are worth it!

Overall: I think this collection is much nicer than some of the other textured polishes out there now. I like that it's not as gritty as some and I love the colors. It's not a polish I would wear on a regular basis, but it's wonderful for a special effect.

Zoya retails for $8 and is available at and Ulta stores nationwide.

Click the link to create a new Zoya account and you'll get a coupon for a FREE Bottle of Zoya Nail Polish. TIP: If you use this coupon and add 2 more polishes to your order, you get free shipping too! The coupon will appear in the "My Coupons/ Promos" section of your "My Account" Page.

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Windestine- Part One

 Happy Hump Day! Today I have a couple of polishes from Windestine. Erin and I both have a love affair with Jeweled Sand so we already know that Windestine does sparkly toppers well but today I have some gorgeous shimmers for you. Senescence is a darker kelly green polish with a copper shimmer and a hint of holo. This polish is a serious stunner. I never expected the copper and holo sparkle I saw in the bottle to translate to the nail but WOW. I couldn't stop staring. I used two coats of Senescence with one coat of HK Girl topcoat for the swatched below.

Look at at that sparkle!

This is Inner Glow, a tan creme polish with a hint of holo. Inner Glow definitely has more than a hint of holo going on. I used two coats of Inner Glow with one coat of HK Girl topcoat for these swatches.

See? Gorgeous holo
Pros- I was super impressed with the self-leveling, smooth, even formula of these polishes. And the subtle holo shimmer is pretty much amazing.
Cons- I thought Inner Glow was going to be a perfect nude holo for me. How wrong I was! I'm a super pale girl with yellow undertones and Inner Glow leaned way too yellow on me. I compared my nails to a coworker with caramel skin and it was HIS perfect nude holo. Unfortunately, I could not get him to swatch it for me for a comparison shot ;) It didn't look yellow toned at all next to his skin.
Overall- I love a shimmer that shows as much on the nail as it does in the bottle. I have one very important question though, how do you say Windestine??

You can purchase Windestine on etsy and Big Cartel. Keep up with new collections by liking them on Facebook and following on Twitter. Stay tuned for Part 2!

**The products featured in this post were sent for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enchanted Polish Hey Jude

Hey Jude is from Enchanted Polish's Imagine Collection, where all the colors are named after Beatles songs. This one is a multichrome holographic polish that is predominantly green, but shifts to teal and purple in the right light. I'm showing photos shot in different lights to try to get across the color changes but they don't really do it justice. Picture the carapace of a Japanese beetle in full sunlight and you will begin to get the idea of how amazing this polish is. (I love their new bottles with the fairy tale castle on the label!)
Enchanted Polish Hey Jude under an Ott light.
Sunlight shows off the holographic particles more than the multichrome.
In shade you get a bit more of the color shift.
More color shift in shade.
Multichrome holos!!!

Hey Jude is thin, as most multi-chrome polishes are, but very heavily pigmented so you can use it on its own or layered over another color. In my photos I have three coats alone on my middle and pinkie fingers and one coat over one coat of SinfulColors Black on Black on my pointer and ring fingers. I do think that layering it over black or a dark green like SinfulColors Last Chance sets off the multichrome features better than when used alone, but even by itself you get a gorgeous limpid green with rainbow sparkles, like sunlight dancing on top of a hidden pool in a secret glade. Hey Jude is certainly one enchanted polish!

Enchanted Polishes tend to sell out fast when they are restocked online, so you have to act quickly. You can purchase it from Llarowe, Etsy, Mei Mei's Signatures, or Harlow & Co. Sign up to be emailed when the sites restock! You can also keep up with new collections on Facebook or their website.

**This polish was provided to me for an unbiased review.  All opinions are my own.**

Sunday, February 24, 2013

SinfulColors Sugar Rush Collection and Comparison

I know you're probably sick of hearing about all the snow we've had here in New England, but we had no power for five days after Nemo! No heat! We lived like PIONEERS!!! Also, there was a driving ban for a while so by the time I managed to get to Walgreens some of the colors from the Sugar Rush Collection were gone. Gone! (sob) But I do think that the ones that were left were probably the only ones I would have gotten anyway, so I guess I'll live...

My favorite of the five I was able to get was Sweet Tooth, a delicious glass-flecked lilac. This is one of the most flattering colors on me so I can't help but be drawn to them! The formula was a bit thin so I had some cuticle flooding on a few nails, but overall it was fine.
SinfulColors Sweet Tooth
Rather than showcase the rest I'm just going to show them all on one hand. What? It's winter! My cuticles are already suffering! And, yes, I do actually have a thumb, but it's so squatty that you'll understand why I don't usually show it. Sugar Rush and Sweet Nothing were cremes, but Candy CoatedSweet Tooth, and Orange Cream all had glass flecks in them to add to the appeal. Orange Creme is a bit brighter than it shows in the photo — I think my camera was metering for all the blues and the orange suffered for it.
SinfulColors Sugar Rush Collection
I had also recently gotten the minis of OPI Euro Centrale, of which You're Such A BudaPest! is my favorite. It has not gone unnoticed that it appears to be very similar to Candy Coated. Let's compare, shall we?
SinfulColors Candy Coated vs OPI You're Such A BudaPest!
While they are very close (but not as close as Winter Wonder and FeiFeiYou're Such A BudaPest! has a richer, slightly darker shade of lilac and a lot more glass flecks, so if you're only going to get one, that would be the one I'd recommend. However, Ulta has raised the price on OPIs to $9 now, and Walgreens has an in-store coupon for $1 off on SinfulColors this week, so Candy Coated is a better buy (even at the full $1.99 price.) They're both limited edition colors, so make your choice and hurry up!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sation: Candylandia Collection, Part Two

The next two polishes we have for you from Sation's limited edition Candylandia Collection are Peppermint Pedi and Unicorns are Teal (I thought they were always white...) I really, really love Sation polishes — their formulas are great and I don't know what it is about their brushes, but I hardly ever need to do a cleanup with their polishes unless maybe I get the hiccups or something while applying them.
Sation Peppermint Pedi
I don't have any watermelon reds in my collection so I asked Erin if I could review this one. OMG, what a fabulous color! It's so bright and cheerful (just what I need after being beaten down by one snowstorm after another, with another one on the way) and, because it's a crelly, it's oh, so juicy-looking, too. This is two coats of Peppermint Pedi over a base coat, with no top coat at all. Yes, it dries just as shiny as you see here, all on its own.

Next up is Unicorns are Teal, although for the life of me I don't know why they didn't call it Blue Raspberry because it's exactly that color and it's a candy flavor. And it's a jelly! Shiny, shiny, shiny!
Sation Unicorns are Teal
As I was applying it, at first I thought I had gotten some little lint balls on my nails because I was wearing black fleece, so I kept wiping the brush on a tissue until I noticed all the dark flacks in the bottle. D'oh! There aren't a lot, so I can be forgiven for not noticing them at first, but there are enough to add some subtle interest to the color on the nails. Because it's a jelly I did have to use three coats and there was still some visible nail line, so expect to do four coats if you want complete coverage. I think this will be fabulous for some jelly sandwiches.

Pros: great brush and formula, gorgeous colors!

Cons: the formula on Unicorns are Teal was thinner than the other Sations I've used so there was some pooling in the cuticles, but fortunately this wasn't a stainer so it was easy to clean up.

Overall: another winning collection from the people at Sation! I am starting to see random bottles here and there at various Marshall's and TJ Maxx stores but I do wish I could see one of their complete displays somewhere soon. I want so many of their colors!

To keep up with the new Sation collections online you can Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or purchase directly from their website or Transdesign. They are also now available at some Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Winners (Canada) stores.

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pomegranate Lacquer: Book of Spells

This is why I love nail polish blogs — on their web site, Pomegranate Lacquers describes Book of Spells as "a rich bronze crème" but, as you can see by my photos, it's actually more of a metallic foil. If I had actually been looking for a bronze creme I would have been very disappointed to get a foil instead. It's a great color, no question, but it's not a creme unless by that you just mean it isn't a glitter. So now you know.
Pomegranate Lacquers Book of Spells
Book of Spells is from their Royal Fairy Tale Collection, as is Prince Charmer. This gorgeous metallic foil covered in two coats, but the formula was a bit thin, so I would avoid loading the brush so you don't get pooling. It didn't really need a top coat because it dried shiny enough, but I'm glad I applied one anyway because it brought out a galaxy of golden sparkles that weren't apparent before! As with any foil, I used a ridge filling base coat to minimize brush strokes, then two coats of Book of Spells, followed by one coat of Orly Sec 'n Dry. This is a new-to-me quick dry top coat that I got for free with a recent purchase at Sally Beauty Supply. It dries nice and shiny, but not as quickly as Seche Vite, so allow for a little more dry time if you use that.

Pros: great color, great formula. Next to no cleanup required and brush strokes are minimized if you use a ridge-filling base coat beforehand.

Cons: other than the inaccurate web site description, I really can't say anything bad about it other than that I'm not a big fan of foil finishes. So if you like foils, definitely go for it! It's a beautiful color and if you use a top coat you will see the extra shimmers.

Overall: I liked the bottle and brush, even though Erin didn't. The bottle is the same as the Milani polishes, but the cap and brush are different.

Pomegranate Lacquers are available at their website and retail for $8.50 (shipping is free on orders of $27 or more.) You can also follow them on Facebook.

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness- Bigger on the Inside and Glitter Food

 Hello lovelies! Today is my two year anniversary with my amazing fiance, Jake. I've been sick at home with a stomach bug for almost a whole week and wasn't able to really plan anything for us. But we're hoping to do something nice this weekend. What should we do? More importantly, what should I wear on my nails?!

Ok today I have some polishes from Nail Pattern Boldness for you. Here are some swatches of Bigger on the Inside, a dark royal blue jelly filled with sparkly silver microglitter. I used two coats plus one coat of Glitter Food and one coat of HK Girl top coat.

Now I wanted to post a quick review of my experience trying out Glitter Food (Fix a Flat). This product is a dual-purpose top coat that was created by Nail Pattern Boldness to use as a way to smooth rough glitters under a topcoat and it also works to sort of "re-inflate" your glitter polishes that have gone flat. Got any glitter polishes where the glitter just continues to fall in the bottle? Add some Glitter Food and watch your glitter rise! Well not really, but shake it up and it will AND it'll stay that way. Here's a before and after for you.

I was nervous the cloudy topcoat would dull my polish but it didn't at all!

These two polishes came out of my Helmer like this. They were the most "sunken" polishes I found

I added a dose of Glitter Food, gave both a good shake and waited 48 hours. Not too shabby!

Pros- I LOVE Bigger on the Inside. Such a gorgeous bright blue that's SO sparkly. What's not to love?
Cons- I thought Glitter food didn't do much for me as far as smoothing glitter as a topcoat. I've always used Gelous for this and I think they are pretty similar but I still like Gelous better. If you don't have Gelous already, this is a great alternative.
Overall- Using Glitter Food to bring some sunken glitters back to life is a pretty genius idea. I don't have a ton of use for it since I don't have THAT much glitter, but I know there are a lot of you out there with polish collections filled with sad sunken glitters. You need to get some hands on Glitter Food! It's sold out right now but keep checking back!

You can find purchase Nail Pattern Boldness from their etsy page or Llarowe for $9 a bottle. Keep up with new collections and restocks by following the blog and Facebook pages.

**The products featured in this post were provided for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Priti NYC: Pearlwort

The sun is shining! I haven't seen the sun in weeks! But it's only a few degrees above freezing so I don't have much hope of all the snow melting before the next snowstorm predicted for the coming weekend. I need some nail polish to cheer me up...

Erin and Anna have already reviewed Guinea Rose and Silver Torch and Envy but they know how much I love greens! So when Priti NYC sent us polishes to review they sent me Pearlwort from their Apres Ski collection for Spring 2013, which looked to be your basic military green in the bottle. What a pleasant surprise I had when I applied it and saw that it was so much more than that! The base is a sort of grayed out dark khaki green crelly (creme + jelly), packed solid with tiny sooty particles, similar to KOH Playful and Orly Faint of Heart, but with several different shades of particles. You can't really see it unless you hold your hand up to your face, but it really adds that extra dimension to the color. I hope my photos can get the impression across (nyuck, nyuck. see what I did there?), even though it does just look like a regular creme finish at arm's length.
Priti NYC Pearlwort
All the different colored particles are like a Pointillist painting!
The formula was great, but it took me a while to get the hang of the brush because it's longer than the brushes I'm used to. Once I learned how much pressure to apply to flare it out, I was fine and I really liked it! I used two coats in these photos and they make it look as if I should have used three, but trust me when I say it looks totally opaque on my nails with two.

I find it amusing that I have so many military green polishes when I am the only civilian in my immediate family, so for fun I thought I'd add a military gold accent by painting on half-moons in OPI OY — Another Polish Joke! from their new Euro Centrale collection. Epaulets!
Half-moons of OPI OY — Another Polish Joke!

Pros: I love the color! I especially like how the color is built up from the tiny specks of color in the crelly case — it gives it that amazing dimension without adding texture. (I'm not a fan of texture...)

Cons: the brush took some getting used to so my application was spotty at first, but the second coat forgave all sins.

Overall: this is a great line of polish, with some really lovely colors and finishes.

Priti NYC polish retails for $13.50 a bottle and can be purchased directly from their website. Keep up with the latest collections and sales by liking Priti NYC on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

China Glaze Avant Garden

Today I'm showing you two cremes and a shimmer from the new Avant Garden collection, which features six cremes and six shimmers. Anna will be reviewing three more from the collection later on. Let me tell you, after suffering through five days of no heat or electricity after the Nemo blizzard, only to have yet another snow storm the very next weekend, I am so in need of at least a hint of springtime that these lovely pastels provide! Seriously — the inside of the refrigerator was warmer than the kitchen after only a single day of 20°F and no heat, so you can only imagine how it felt after five days! Warmer weather cannot come too soon for me! And flowers. Lots of flowers.

First I tried Tart-y For The Party, because it's lilac and my favorite of the group. Loved this color! The formula? Not so much. It was very thin and watery and really flooded the cuticle and some nails required a third coat to cover the bald spots. But the color is to die for. One of my favorites!

Tart-y For The Party

Next I tried the other creme, Fade Into Hue, a clean periwinkle blue. Of the three, this one had the best formula, needing only two coats for coverage, no application issues, and one of my all-time favorite colors. Gor-geous.
Fade Into Hue

Finally, here's one of the shimmers, Pink-ie Promise (cute name!) As you can see in the photo, this one also flooded the cuticle, although it was not quite as watery as Tart-y For The Party and only needed two coats to cover. The shimmer was quite noticeable in the bottle but you really have to look for it on the nails and in the right light for it to show up. This one dried to a semi-gloss, satiny finish so that may have had something to do with the shimmers being so elusive.
Pink-ie Promise
Bottle shimmer

Pros: the colors are really lovely and, while not terribly unique, they are not exactly like any of the many other pastels in my collection. I particularly liked the pink shimmer in the pink polish and I'm going to try it with different top coats to see if I can draw the shimmer out a bit more.

Cons: the watery formula. I recommend trying it on one nail first so you can gauge how much polish to put on the brush to avoid flooding. Better to try for really thin coats and spend less time cleaning up.

Overall: a nice collection, with a good selection of brights and pastels, cremes and shimmers. The formula on some is iffy, but not unmanageable, and the colors are absolutely lovely.

You can keep up with new China Glaze collections by checking their website or by following them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Part 1

Happy Monday everyone!  I have three new polishes from the awesome indie brand, I Love Nail Polish for you today.  The formula on all these was great, easy one coat of glitter with minimal glitter placement or dabbing.  I did top coat all my swatches (old habits are hard to break!) but I could have easily gone without any.  That's just how shiny they are.  Let's get to it, this is a pic heavy post!

First up Cheshire Blues.  This polish is described as:   a heart stopping combination of purple, fuchsia, and light teal glitters punctuated with just the right amount of tiny pink hearts! Did we mention it has pink hearts? It has pink hearts.  If you’re in the market for uncontrollable cuteness on your fingertips – Cheshire Blues is the polish for you! I mean it! Seriously… you’re already 10 times cuter for considering it. Imagine what will happen when you wear it!  I'm not a fan of heart glitter but they are right, that it is just the right amount.  I easily got one heart on each nail with no fishing.  I did swirl my brush a little to place them how I wanted them.  One coat of Cheshire Blues over Sation Paint Some Sugar On Me.  Check our Facebook page for a picture of Anna's Valentine's Day mani.  She wore this an accent nail and it was adorable!

Next up, No Place Like Rome.  This polish is described as:  an extravagant collection of differently sized red circle and square glitters along with a dash of micro reds to provide the perfect balance.  Put your ruby slippers on and be sure to complement those beautiful digits of yours with a phenomenally gorgeous red glitter topper.   No Place Like Rome looks good over any complementing color, but, it looks practically illegal when applied over dark shades – especially shades of black!  We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!  I am slightly obsessed with purple and red together and so I decided to layer NPLR over Pomegranate Lacquer Prince Charmer.  I love the sweet lavender with the edgy red glitter.  

How great is the packaging that these polishes come in?  

I always save my favorite for last so here it is, Truffle Shuffle.  This polish is described as:  When a girl wants chocolate, you give it to her!  Get your fix and calm your nerves with this stunningly gorgeous chocolate glitter nail polish. Truffle Shuffle sports a variety of pink and red glitter accents nestled in a beautiful assortment of deliciously chocolate glitter.  Truffle Shuffle was inspired by the second greatest thing on earth, chocolate!! The first would be nail polish, of course!  I couldn't resist an accent nail with this awesome glitter so I layered it over my favorite gray to show the awesome brown glitter, OPI Berlin There, Done That and an accent nail of Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe.  I LOVE this look!

Love love love love love love!!!!

So what do you think??  What are you favorites?  Anna will be back with three more I Love Nail Polish polishes really soon so keep reading!

I Love Nail Polish is available on Etsy for $10.00 for a full size bottle.  Make sure to like the Facebook page for news, specials and updates!

***This polish was sent to me for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.***

Sunday, February 17, 2013

La Femme - Galaxia

Happy lazy Sunday!  My son decided to take a super long nap so I'm trying to sneak in a blog post.  Today I have La Femme Galaxia to show you.  This is a gorgeous blackened purple polish with tiny silver, black and purple microglitter.  I used one coat of CND Sticky base, 2 coats of Galaxia and one coat of KB Shimmer Clearly On Top.  Galaxia dried lighter on my nails than in the bottle but I really love the look.  It also dried a little dull but Clearly On Top took care of that!  I've had this polish on for two days and I love it!

Most color accurate shot.  See how dark it is in the bottle?

La Femme Polish is available over at Llarowe for $8.00 per bottle.  Llarowe has the fastest, cheapest shipping around!  Head over and check out the selection!

***This polish was provided to me for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.***