Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zoya Lovely Collection- Piaf & Blu

Last month we got our hands on the new Zoya Lovely collection for the Spring and Robin showed you her picks from the collection here. Well since we share at Polished Cousins and we also don't all live in the same city, sometimes it takes us awhile to send polishes to each other! Here are my picks from the collection, Piaf and Blu

For some reason, yellow nail polishes actually work against my pale skin. To be honest, I really hate yellow. So of course, since I'm the only one of us who yellow actually works on, and we want to show you guys every polish in the best way we can, I'm the one who gets to use the yellow polishes! Zoya describes Piaf as a forsythia yellow metallic. I wouldn't necessarily describe this as metallic but there is definitely a lot of the famous Zoya glass flecks going on here. The flecks are a pretty white/gold shade. I used two coats of Piaf for the swatches below and you can see a bit of VNL (visible nail line) but I think it adds to the softness.

Zoya describes Blu as a soft delicate pale baby blue with a glossy creme finish. This is a pretty basic polish but that description is pretty much it. I was really interested in trying Blu because I'm getting married next year and I'm determined to find the perfect "something blue" shade to paint on my toes.

A lot of people were worried that Zoya was duping themselves by releasing Blu (myself included) but we were way wrong. The color I thought would be closest is Kristen but they really can't be compared. Kristen is much darker with a strong grey tint. I pulled out out all of my light blue polishes and found Essie Borrowed & Blue from their wedding collection. In the bottles, these two are identical. On the nail I realized they aren't dupes! Similar, but not the same. Though if you have one I don't think you need the other. Borrowed & Blue is a tad lighter and brighter than Blu.

Close but not quite

Pros- These two polishes gave us the same dreamy formula we are used to seeing from Zoya. 
Cons- While Piaf is a pretty color in its own way, I really hate yellow. It's not Piaf's fault though.
Overall- The Lovely Collection is giving us a nice mix of pastel cremes and shimmers that remind us all of Spring. Just looking at these pictures makes me wish it wasn't 20 degrees outside!

You can purchase Piaf here and Blu here for $8 a piece. Don't forget to like Zoya on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

***This polish was sent for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.***

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  1. Hello! Lovely comparison... How about the formulas? I own the Essie one but do you think that the Zoya has a better formula? Thanks :)