Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tip Top Nails South Africa

Today I have six polishes from the brand Tip Top from South Africa. Tip Top contacted us through Facebook about reviewing for them and even though I had never heard of the brand, I figured why not!
The Tip Top Facebook page is a really great community page with tons of info and nail art. On to the colors!

So I don't end up repeating myself for each color, these polishes have a TO DIE FOR formula. Every color could have been a one-coater (I still did 2 because I always do!). They were thick and pigmented but thin enough that they were easy to work with. The brush is also nice and wide for easy application. A couple of them dried to semi-matte finishes but I'm pretty sure that's because of the bright pigments that these polishes are loaded with. I used two coats of polish topped with one coat of HK Girl top coat for the swatches below.

Pink About Us is a blue-toned bubble gum pink. I thought it might be too pink for my pale skin but I think the blue-tone managed to make it work. Not too bright, just super fun and girly.

Ripped Me Red is a cool creamy watermelon red. It manages to be bright and sort of dusty at the same time. Definitely a surprise favorite for me.

Orange You Lovely is a bright creamy orange. Another one that's bright but not too bright. For this Baltimore girl, this is a perfect orange to wear to an Orioles game!

We Have an Green-Mint is the cutest name ever. A great lime green creme. This will be perfect in the Spring.

The label fell off before it reached me!
Good thing the names are labeled on the cap too :)

Blue My Whistle is a bright baby blue with the tiniest hint of green. It's a creme version of the color of tropical waters.

I think Grape to Meet You is much more of a berry purple than a grape purple. It's also the only polish in this set that has a slight shimmer to it. The shimmer is almost the same color as the base polish and manages to give it a little more depth than if it were just a creme.

Since I had all of these awesome bright colors on my hands, what else to do with them but make a rainbow?! Who doesn't love a rainbow? I started with a skittle mani (one color on each finger) but it just needed something more. So I freehanded a little rainbow on the blue finger with a small nail art brush and added some white clouds with a dotting tool. 

Pros: I was super impressed with the formula and pigmentation of this line. 
Cons: The Tip Top bottles are a bit smaller than most mainstream lines. OPI bottles contain 15ml (0.5 fl oz) and Tip Top only contain 10ml (0.33 fl oz)
Overall: I honestly have no idea how you can order some of these polishes for yourself if you live outside of South Africa. I couldn't find any ordering information on their website or Facebook! The colors aren't anything terribly original but I can not speak highly enough about the formula. If you are missing some bright colors from your collection, try contacting Tip Top through email to see if you can get your hands on these babies!

Keep up with Tip Top Nails South Africa by liking them on Facebook or checking out their website here.

**The products in this post were provided by the manufacturer for an honest review**


  1. I want ripped me red and grape to meet you! Lovely shades.

    1. Great choices. Let me know if you figure out how to order them!

  2. Very pretty colors! I love bright shades!