Sunday, January 27, 2013

SinfulColors Ardoise

Ardoise is another one of the polishes I got from the SinfulColors Haute Rebel collection. I've already reviewed Mauve, Beau Khaki, and Rain Storm (from when it was part of the Muse collection) but I still have several more to swatch for you. I was in the mood for something edgy so I decided on Ardoise, which I think was the only actual new color in this collection.
SinfulColors Ardoise
Ardoise reminded me of the color of ripe olives — a deep, rich black. When I was a kid and my mom served black olives at Thanksgiving I always put one on the end of each finger and popped them off into my mouth. I had no table manners whatsoever. This polish looks like ripe olives on my fingers and as I was applying it I thought, "Hmmmmmmm. What other polish reminds me of ripe olives? Could it be OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!?" Let's see...
Very close, but not a dupe
As you can see, Nein! is a bit paler and warmer so Ardoise is not exactly a dupe for it, but if you have one you probably don't need the other. And since Nein! is a dupe for Zoya Noot, as well as dupe for China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, if you have either of those you're still covered. But if you somehow missed out on any of these fabulous deep, rich, dark grays then run out to your nearest Walgreens and grab Ardoise from the Haute Rebel collection while it's still available!
Here's the label for ya!

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