Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mint Polish: Bleeker St. Babe

Erin and Anna have already reviewed Dirty Shirley and Original Mint, so now I'm showing the third of the polishes Mint sent for us to review, a gorgeous dusty sage green called Bleeker St. Babe. We all know how much I love greens, but this one is extra special! When I first opened the box and saw the color I thought it was just like all the other greens I've reviewed lately, but it was not (and look for a comparison post soon to see why not.)
Mint Bleeker St. Babe
Wow. You can see how deliciously creamy this polish is just by looking at the photo. I can't think of another polish I've used recently that had such a perfect formula — it practically poured itself on my nails and settled into shape. The only bone I have to pick with them is the description of it on their web site: "This moss gray-green, named after our favorite West Village street, is opaque, modern, and ultra glossy. Bleeker St. Babe is a gorgeous and transformative hue that changes from gray to green to purple, depending on the light. Bottle color in one coat."

Moss gray-green? Yeah, OK, I'll give them that, although I'd call it sage myself. Ultra glossy? Absolutely — no top coat in these photos. Transform from gray to green? You betcha. But transform to purple??? Not in any light in my house. There aren't even any purple shimmers in the polish that might catch the light. But I'll forgive them because this is practically perfect in every other way. Love this polish. It probably was bottle color in one coat but I did two out of habit. No top coat needed, however, and look at how glossy it is!
Label shot
Pros: The formula and application were flawless and the grayed-out green color is different from any of the other greens I have (and I have a lot!)

Cons: The limited number of colors they have available on their web site. When a polish is this good, I want ALL THE COLORS!

Overall: I'm really impressed with them and I look forward to trying more colors.

Mint polish is available at their web site,, and retails for $10. Be sure to check out their cute nail stickers, too. If you enter the code LOVEMINT2013 at checkout you will get a 30% discount! I know I'm going to be getting Lavender Macaron!

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  1. Ahhhhh, this is such a perfect green!!!

  2. Thank you for this review Robin! And also thanks for the feedback, we will look into changing the description on our site :)

    New colors will be out within a month or two - still perfecting our colors/formula!